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Vitamins for the Soul: 3 Pieces of Good News From the Week – December 7, 2018

1. Customers Buy Out Doughnut Shop Early Every Day So Owner Can Be With Sick Wife “We sell out fast, every day.” John Chhan and his wife Stella have owned Seal Beach’s Donut City for three decades. The couple arrived in the United States from Cambodia as refugees in the 1970s and have been working...

Why All Diabetics Should Know About Turmeric

Many diabetics already know about the benefits of a low-glycemic diet and the need for regular exercise, but why haven’t they heard about turmeric, one of the world’s most extensively researched anti-diabetic plants? A recent literature review published in the International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism titled, “Anti-Hyperglycemic Effect and Insulin Sensitizing Effects of Turmeric...

Video: How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth (Without Them Freaking Out About It)

The dental health of your pets is so much more important than you think. Here are 3 ways you can ensure your pets' dental hygiene.

Serious Heart Issues are 300% More Likely If You Have This

Though oft ignored, having "thick blood" can put your heart health in serious jeopardy. But there's a natural solution that many have never heard of.

Vitamins for the Soul: 3 Pieces Good News From the Week – November 30, 2018

Here are three pieces of good news to make you smile this week.

Movember Health: 5 Ways to Naturally Support Prostate Health

As we close Men's Health Awareness Month, here are 5 ways men can help support their prostate health year-round.

Is Your Doctor Being Paid by Big Pharma? Here’s How You Can Tell

How much money does Big Pharma spend to schmooze your doctors and push its latest “solutions”? The stats and facts in the infographic below will astound you. Worse, in many cases your trusted doctor isn’t even given the truth about the drugs he or she prescribes, as the giants of Big Pharma also spend...

5 Medications Outpowered By Curcumin

The compound curcumin within turmeric is likely nature's most powerful alternative to these five over-the-counter medications.

If Your Anxious Dog Could Talk, He or She Would Ask for This

Stress can be a big problem for our beloved pets, and when it shows up in behavior like excessive barking, aggression, tearing up rugs or furniture, or messy “accidents” on the floor, it can really add to your stress, too.

Consumer Alert: CDC Warns “Do Not Eat Romaine Lettuce” Amid E. Coli Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned Tuesday that Americans SHOULD NOT eat any romaine lettuce, stating that “consumers who have any type of romaine lettuce in their home should not eat it and should throw it away, even if some of it was eaten and no one has gotten sick.” Sponsored Link...