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Top 7 Supplements for Heart Health

Heart disease is still the #1 killer in the U.S. and it’s important to have a heart protection strategy, especially as you get older.

6 Hidden Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Scientific research on tart cherries is revealing their valuable health benefits.

How Much CoQ10 Do You Really Need (Plus What Else You Need to Know)

You've likely heard of coenzyme-Q10 (also known as CoQ10). In fact, if you're over the age of 40, on a statin medication or have heart health concerns, chances are you take a daily CoQ10 supplement, but still have some lingering questions.

The 7 Best Brain Boosting Supplements, According to Science

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Anti-Inflammatory Supplements: Here’s 10 That Really Work

Inflammation can become a chronic condition. Luckily, a few anti-inflammatory supplements can help save the day.

5 Reasons You Should Boost Your Astaxanthin Intake

Credited for being the most powerful of all antioxidants, astaxanthin promotes health in more ways than you think.

6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp as a Tac

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Vitamins for the Soul: 3 Pieces of Good News From the Week – January 25, 2019

1. Dog Is Adopted After Spending 525 Days At Shelter “Cassie, who has been with us for 525 days found a forever home today!” August 9th, 2017 was when Cassie first arrived at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Ohio, where she’s frequently been adopted but ultimately, always returned. However, after a long 525...

Vitamin C Essential for Better Brain Health

Don't let this "old school" vitamin fool you — researchers are finding it does a lot more for you than you think.

The Real Benefits of Curcumin: Why It Deserves to be Called the “King of All Spices”

Think this "King of All Spices" is just for inflammation and brain health? Think again. Here's more about all of the clinically-backed health perks curcumin boasts. (Prepare to be impressed.)