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5 Medications Outpowered By Curcumin

The compound curcumin within turmeric is likely nature's most powerful alternative to these five over-the-counter medications.

Ibuprofen May Increase Heart Attack Risk

Scary new research is giving many people pause when it comes to ibuprofen. Here's what you need to know.

Black Cumin: Can This Seed Stop Cancer in Its Tracks?

New research on the black cumin seed reveals some promising potential for cancer prevention.

The Answer to “Superbugs” May Be in Cinnamon

While cinnamon hasn’t been extensively studied, the few experiments on it are encouraging and show the spice may offer hope for treating superbugs.

Eat Lentils to Reduce Post-Meal Glucose Spike

Scientists found that replacing rice or potatoes with pulses, which are beans, peas and lentils, may reduce the after-meal rise in glucose.

Study: Higher Muscle Strength May Help You Live Longer

While you can’t stop the relentless march of time, maintaining muscle strength may dramatically reduce the effects of aging on your body.

Here’s How Curcumin Targets Achilles Heel of Lethal Cancers

In a new breakthrough study, researchers have uncovered how the powerful curcumin compound targets cancer cells.

4 Tips to Lower Chronic Pain Now

Here are four ways you can naturally reduce overall inflammation in your body and thus reduce chronic pain.

Stop Hitting Snooze — Early Birds Have Lower Risk of Depression

Your preferences for when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning may influence a your risk for depression.

Can a New Checklist Help Identify Cognitive Decline?

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an estimated 5.7 million people in the United States live with dementia. However, a new analysis out of John Hopkins Medicine reveals that nearly 60 percent of older adults with probable dementia are either undiagnosed or unaware of their diagnosis. “If dementia is less severe and people are better able...