Articles by Derek Noland

To Pee or Not to Pee—How Often Should You Go?

It may sound like a silly grade school question, but urinating too little or too much could be indicative of a health concern.

7 Exciting Ingredients to Liven Up Your Cooking

If you’re looking to diversify the foods you eat or simply want to experiment with some new flavors, try adding these ingredients to your next meal.

Exercise More! CDC Doubles its Weekly Exercise Recommendations

The CDC has significantly increased its weekly exercise recommendations for adults—and now provides specific details on what those exercises should be.

Saffron: Is This Spice the Secret to Better Vision?

With a history of use going back at least 3,000 years, researchers are now finding the saffron spice may help curb vision trouble.

6 Things Men Have to Start Worrying About After They Turn 50

You're not over the hill yet, but things are starting to change, big time. Can you relate?

Can Cannabis Relieve Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease?

More and more information is being learned about the potential medicinal use of cannabis - and it might surprise you.

7 Scientifically Backed Reasons You Should Take a Multivitamin

Unfortunately, multivitamins have gotten a bad rap in recent months, despite more and more research in support of their value.

Experiencing Hair Loss? This Vitamin Deficiency May Be To Blame

Yikes! There is growing evidence that this common vitamin deficiency may be associated with hair loss.

Movember Health: 5 Ways to Naturally Support Prostate Health

As we close Men's Health Awareness Month, here are 5 ways men can help support their prostate health year-round.

Ibuprofen May Increase Heart Attack Risk

Scary new research is giving many people pause when it comes to ibuprofen. Here's what you need to know.