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Vitamins for the Soul: 3 Pieces of Good News From the Week – January 25, 2019


1. Dog Is Adopted After Spending 525 Days At Shelter

“Cassie, who has been with us for 525 days found a forever home today!”

August 9th, 2017 was when Cassie first arrived at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Ohio, where she’s frequently been adopted but ultimately, always returned.

However, after a long 525 days, Cassie has finally found her forever home.

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton said in their Facebook post, “Every day for 525 days she has patiently waited for that perfect person to walk through the doors and pick her and today was her day!”

Some of the staff even shed a few goodbye tears as Cassie left with her new family, but all were filled with excitement for her new home.

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2.12-year-old saves grandfather suffering stroke while driving

Benjamin is “absolutely a hero.”

On his way to soccer practice on the Massachusetts Interstate 495, seventh-grader Benjamin Bubis realized something was wrong when his 71-year-old grandfather, Boris Hutorin, suddenly stopped talking.

Acting quickly, Benjamin grabbed the steering wheel and guided the car to the side of what is a major highway while calling 911 at the same time.

Boris was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for a stroke.

He is now able to move the right side of his body and Boris’s speech is almost back to normal

Dr. Ajit Puri, the doctor who treated Boris stated, Benjamin is “absolutely a hero.”

3.UPS driver rescues dog from icy pond

“Animals are my weakness. It was the highlight of my 14-year UPS career.”

Ryan Arens, a UPS driver who was in route just before Christmas, paused during a delivery believing he heard a dog “screaming and crying and going crazy.”

Arens quickly finished delivering the package and drove to the other side of a pond, where he saw a scared young pup named Sadie and an older gentleman who was on a boat trying to rescue the dog but was having difficulty getting close enough because of the frozen water.

Arens stated, “I could see the dog trapped about 10-15 feet off of shore, with ice all around it. I stripped to my boxers and got the guy out of the boat. Then, I slid the boat out onto the ice, using it to distribute my weight. I shimmed out to where the ice was thin.”

The dog had begun to go under according to Arens, so he swam as fast as he could, grabbing the dog’s collar and pulling her to thicker ice.

The two slid back across the ice and to the shore, where they were given a blanket by a bystander and then went into the older man’s house to get warm before authorities arrived with aid.

Later, Arens was able to find the dog’s owner and – as luck would have it – he happened to have a delivery for him.

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