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Easy 3-Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask


When it comes to finding and/or formulating the best DIY skin care masks, I try to think about “recipes” that are simple and help maximize the benefits of each ingredient. After browsing several different options I came up with what I think is the best, easiest most effective DIY turmeric mask and it only uses three ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now.

It’s no secret that honey is incredible for your skin. It’s a humectant, so it helps moisturize the skin and lock in hydration. And the benefits of nut oils for skin are quickly surfacing in fact many people are even choosing face oils over creams. But using turmeric on your skin is a new phenomenon.

In clinical trials, the spice has been shown to improve collagen deposition, calm psoriasis, and even increase the skins firmness and elasticity.

In one study, 28 women applied a topical gel that contained turmeric every day for 4 weeks. Half of the group received a topical gel including turmeric and the other half received a gel that did not include turmeric. At the end of the 4-week study, the skin was evaluated using the speed of propagation of ultrasound shear waves, and self-evaluations were collected from each of the study participants.

Researchers found that the turmeric group experienced a statistically significant improvement in skin firmness and elasticity, compared to that of the placebo group.

Here’s the recipe for my favorite turmeric face mask, plus 3 things NOT to do when trying this at home.

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Easy 3-Ingredient DIY Turmeric Face Mask

You’ll need:

– 1 tsp. organic turmeric (Purchasing organic is important since many turmeric spices have tested positive for excessive amounts of lead.)
– 1 tsp. organic honey (Go organic for your honey as well. Recent reports indicate that 75% of the world’s honey contains harmful pesticides you don’t want that on your face!)
– 1 tsp. of a skin nourishing oil such as almond oil or coconut oil. I happened to have PurGevity’s TriFX oil on hand which is a sure-fire way to take this mask up a notch. (More info on this amazing oil can be found here.)


– Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and stir thoroughly
– Apply to skin using a cotton pad or brush
– Let mask penetrate skin for 10-15 minutes
– Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

Before you whip up your mask, for best results, make sure you know what NOT to do by reading our article below:

Turmeric Face Masks: 3 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid.

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  1. […] My favorite recipe contained just three ingredients — honey, turmeric and a nut oil — and it was perfect. But if you try this at home (and I hope that you do), I would urge you not to make these four mistakes. (You can find the recipe for the easy 3-ingredient DIY turmeric face mask here.) […]