Study: Chair Yoga Is an Effective Treatment for Arthritis (Video Included!)

Recent research shows that senior adults doing chair yoga can experience a reduction in pain, fatigue and pain interference. Chair yoga can help them function better and enjoy their lives more.

12 Things Stress is Doing to Your Brain

Chronic stress increases one of the stress hormones that affects many brain functions, putting you at risk for several mental and physiological conditions.

4 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season

The holiday season can cause stress which can lead to other health-related issues. Here are some healthy ways to manage stress and stay merry this holiday season.

Expert Tips to Break Free of Your Junk Food Cravings

If you crave processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, you aren’t alone. These foods are addictive, much in the same way that drugs are. They can trigger cravings that can send you off on a binge. And if you try to cut them out of your diet, you could find...

Can Singing Save Your Brain?

Research in recent years suggests singing is beneficial for dementia patients in multiple ways. It may improve cognition and provide a means to connect with loved ones as well as reduce stress and depression.

Is Your Stressed-Out Partner Making You Fat?

If your spouse or significant other is stressed out, it might be a good idea to start watching your weight. That’s because your partner’s long-term stress levels may be adding inches to your waistline, suggests an intriguing new study. A team of researchers sampled a group of 2,042 married individuals. All of the participants...

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Signs of Adrenal Fatigue and What You Can Do About It

Your adrenals are small, walnut-sized glands that sit on top of each of your kidneys. Their main function is to produce hormones that are essential to healthy living including: Cortisol (also called hydrocortisone) is widely known as the “stress” hormone as it is released by the body in response to stress or fear. But...

People with Busy Lives Have Sharper Minds

Is your daily schedule jammed full to the max with commitments, social events with friends or work? Whether for work or play, recent research indicates all that hustling and bustling might have an upside – increasing your brainpower. Many people who have busy lives often lament the fact that they’re constantly rushing from one...