Natural Sugars 101: Your Guide to Natural Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes

By Derek Noland,


We know sugar is dangerous. Toxic, even. And with our knowledge of the dangers of sugar growing, the need to reduce sugar in our diets has never been greater.  But how can we reduce our sugar intake without giving up many of the foods we love? More importantly, how can we do this without resorting to health damaging sugar substitutes like Splenda and aspartame? … Continue reading

This Warming Spice Could Help You Lose Weight

By Kimberly Day,

img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-17526″ style=”margin: 10px;” title=”Slimming” src=”×265.jpg” alt=”Slimming” width=”360″ height=”239″ />It’s that time of year. Shorts, sleeveless tops, gauzy clothes, and, for the really brave, bathing suits. Ah, summer. That time of year when we come out of hibernation and panic over the 5 to 10 pounds we likely gained over the winter months. … Continue reading

How to Make Sure Your Family Eats Healthier Summer Treats

By Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.,

img class=”size-medium wp-image-17313 alignright” style=”margin: 10px;” title=”watermelon kid” src=”×265.jpg” alt=”watermelon kid” width=”320″ height=”212″ />Summer is here and and it’s time to start taking advantage of the warm weather, getting outdoors and joining in on favorite activities. It’s a great time for fitness and fun in the sun (good ol’ vitamin D). But summer can also be a time of temptation to over-indulge in unhealthy treats … Continue reading

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New No-Calorie Soda Made with Natural Sweetener

By Maggie Spilner,

I admit it. I like soda. I’m not a fanatic, but an occasional afternoon soda break with popcorn can refresh me; a bubbling can with a Friday night slice of pizza is a treat I enjoy. Since I don’t want the extra calories or the fructose or high fructose corn syrup used in many soda products, I rely on diet sodas. … Continue reading