Meet the Orange That Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Perhaps you've never heard of this citrus fruit, but it offers a unique blend of active ingredients that have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

Statins vs. The Mediterranean Diet: Which is Better for Reducing Heart Disease Risk?

The answer is the Mediterranean Diet, which is popular with the people of Southern Europe. It consists of large quantities of fruits and vegetables but also includes fatty fish, nuts, seeds, beans and olive oil. The diet usually involves low amounts of sugar, refined carbohydrates, red meat and processed food; however, people who follow...

7 Things to Try Before Going on a Statin

To avoid statins and limit your risk, consider trying these five alternative, natural treatment options prior to beginning medicinal treatment.

Statin Users: This Nutrient May Be the Answer to Your Prayers

Research suggests boosting intake of this nutrient may be an easy way to alleviate pain and discomfort that is often a side effect of taking statin drugs.

Statins Could End Up Costing You Your Eyesight

New research suggests that statins increase the risks of developing cataracts.

Three New FDA-Approved Diabetes Drugs May Cause Diabetic Comas

It is possible for many diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels close to a truly normal range with an integrative approach. Eating a healthy diet, taking the right nutritional supplements and botanicals, performing exercise daily, and limiting the use of prescription drugs -- are some natural ways to control or even reverse diabetes.

Strong Link Between Statins and Diabetes Found

The revelations about the serious side effects of statins never seem to stop. Recent research shows the link between diabetes and these medications is overwhelmingly strong.

Statins: How a Deceptive Statistic Transformed a 1% Benefit into a 50% Benefit

The entrenched belief that statins are wonder drugs has led physicians to prescribe them rampantly in hopes of preventing heart attacks. Now, a study has found the presumed safety and efficacy of these medications is actually a fallacy based on deceptive statistics.

New Report Finds Dietary Cholesterol Not a Concern — Here Are 7 Better Ways to Improve Cholesterol

Obtaining and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can seem like a complex puzzle, but there's several easy ways you can optimize your cholesterol levels.

Statin Drugs May Worsen Osteoarthritis

New research indicates that statin drugs are likely contributing to the epidemic of knee osteoarthritis.