statin drugs

7 Things to Try Before Going on a Statin

To avoid statins and limit your risk, consider trying these five alternative, natural treatment options prior to beginning medicinal treatment.

Statin Users: This Nutrient May Be the Answer to Your Prayers

Research suggests boosting intake of this nutrient may be an easy way to alleviate pain and discomfort that is often a side effect of taking statin drugs.

The Side Effect of Statin Drugs That No One Is Talking About

New research links the intake of statin drugs to aggression in women, a finding that adds to the data indicating they can have a negative influence on the mind, even causing suicidal impulses and homicidal behavior.

Statins: How a Deceptive Statistic Transformed a 1% Benefit into a 50% Benefit

The entrenched belief that statins are wonder drugs has led physicians to prescribe them rampantly in hopes of preventing heart attacks. Now, a study has found the presumed safety and efficacy of these medications is actually a fallacy based on deceptive statistics.

New Report Finds Dietary Cholesterol Not a Concern — Here Are 7 Better Ways to Improve Cholesterol

Obtaining and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can seem like a complex puzzle, but there's several easy ways you can optimize your cholesterol levels.

Statin Drugs May Worsen Osteoarthritis

New research indicates that statin drugs are likely contributing to the epidemic of knee osteoarthritis.

Statin Drugs Cause Even More Nerve Damage Than We Thought

On the heels of statin drugs being linked definitively to memory loss, new research indicates use of statin drugs are also associated with neurotoxicity.

New Statin Guidelines Put 13 Million More Americans at Risk

New statin guidelines practically ignore health status and recommend nearly every American explore "statin therapy."

Can Higher Doses of CoQ10 Protect You From This Devastating Disease?

Here's an exciting new reason to take CoenzymeQ10: It may help protect your brain from Alzheimer's.

The Truth About the New Statin Guidelines

Despite what some may say, statin drugs are FAR from harmless. So why do the new guidelines aim to DOUBLE the number of Americans taking them?