7 Things to Try Before Going on a Statin

To avoid statins and limit your risk, consider trying these five alternative, natural treatment options prior to beginning medicinal treatment.

What Anyone on a Statin Needs to Know About the Flu Shot

Flu shots may be less effective in people who take statins. Two new studies found that statin users who took the vaccine had reduced immune protection along with a higher likelihood of serious respiratory illnesses compared to those who weren’t on the cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Statins Could End Up Costing You Your Eyesight

New research suggests that statins increase the risks of developing cataracts.

7 Out of 10 Cardiologists Recommend CoQ10 to Patients Taking Statins

While statins are helpful in lowering LDL cholesterol, the negative side effects are often down-played. Patients often aren’t aware that these drugs can increase their risk of diabetes, memory loss, cataracts and nerve damage. Statins can also cause pain, weakness and damage to your muscles. And remember. Your heart is the most important muscle...

New Report Finds Dietary Cholesterol Not a Concern — Here Are 7 Better Ways to Improve Cholesterol

Obtaining and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can seem like a complex puzzle, but there's several easy ways you can optimize your cholesterol levels.

Statins Increase Diabetes Risk in Postmenopausal Women by Seventy Percent

The result of a study found that statin use in postmenopausal women significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes.

More Bad News About Statins and 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

After years of denial, the FDA has finally admitted that the cholesterol lowering medications known as statins are linked dangerous side effects.