Fake Organics Flooding US Market

The US is importing corn and other substances from Turkey, who's organic products have been deemed fraudulent by the European Union and Canada. Write to the USDA and tell them to investigate the supposedly “organic” grain coming from certifiers who are known to be fraudulent, and from major exporters like Ukraine and Turkey that...

Can You Trust the Turmeric Spice in Your Cabinet?

Don’t let the reports of impurities dissuade you from cooking with turmeric, as it is truly a wonder spice, filled with powerful health-enhancing properties. Even if you take a supplement that is standardized to contain 95 percent curcumin, it is also beneficial to include the spice in your diet. A nice bonus is that...

Weed Killer Found in Kellogg’s Kashi Cereals

Eating organic has always been a good idea, but in our GMO-era world this practice has become critically important. Recent revelations of high levels of Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller in some Kellogg’s cereals drive home the fact that this poison is hard to avoid in the typical American diet.

3 Food Companies That are Finally Removing Dangerous Ingredients

Kraft, Pepsi and Chipotle have announced that they will be removing harmful ingredients from their products in response to changing consumer preferences and health concerns.

Monsanto “Goes Organic” and Wins “Sustainability Award”?

This isn’t a spoof. In addition to this story, we’ll provide you with a round-up of GMO-related news, including why your neighbor may shortly be planting GMO grass right next to you. Action alerts below!

7 Natural Cancer Cures That Have Been Buried by the FDA, AMA and CDC

Find the truth regarding America's cancer epidemic.

Why Hybrid Foods are NOTHING Like GMOs

The effects of hybrid foods cannot be compared to the devastating health and environmental consequences associated with GMO foods.

Is Organic Food Really Worth It?

Buying organic is expensive - here are some strategies for your next trip to the grocery store.

Green Tea Lowered Stroke Risk by Nearly 30%

Reduce your risk of having a deadly stroke -- researchers found that drinking green tea each day lowered the risk for hemorrhagic stroke by 32 percent.

5 Simple Tips to Help You Start Juicing Like a Pro

Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips from juicing pro Steve Mekoski that will help you get started juicing at home.