Banana Cinnamon Tea: The Latest Sleeping Pill Alternative?

By Mary West,

banana-teaSleeping pills come with considerable risks and side effects, but nature provides a safe alternative. According to Dr. Oz, “bananas are a sleeping pill in a peel.” Next time you can’t sleep, drink a cup of soothing banana cinnamon tea. … Continue reading

Study Finds Friendships Are as Important as Diet and Exercise

By Mary West,

Social Ties Can Make You Fat A new study exploring the fascinating connections between relationships and health finds that having a supportive network of family and friends is profoundly important. … Continue reading

Coca-Cola Exec Steps Down After Email Scandal Exposes Deceitful Practices

By Live in the Now,

Last week, the Associated Press published emails showing close coordination between high-ranking Coca-Cola executives and leaders of the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN), a nonprofit that claims to fund research into causes of obesity, but instead promotes the idea that lack of exercise, not bad diet, is primarily responsible for the obesity epidemic. … Continue reading

This Diet Has Same Life-Extending Benefits as Reducing Calories by 40%

By Mary West,

Cut image woman preparing salad in the kitchenPrevious studies show that drastic calorie restriction can boost metabolism and improve longevity. However, not everyone will want to reduce their caloric consumption by 40 percent, and this practice could actually be quite dangerous. … Continue reading