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Protecting the health of your brain may be easier than you thought!

Sleep On It: Daytime Naps Can Help You Make Better Decisions

If you sometimes feel like you need a quick mental boost before you can process information or make a decision — and who doesn’t — science has found a simple practice that may help. According to new research out of the University of Bristol in the U.K., a short period of sleep helps a...

Drinking Coffee May Put the Brakes on Cognitive Decline

Coffee polyphenols are among the short list of compounds that may help ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

How Smells Trigger Certain Memories (And What That Means for Early Alzheimer’s Detection)

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Prevagen Comes Under Fire for Deceptive Claims

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Go Ahead and Hit Snooze: Sleep Can Nearly Double Recall

Getting plenty of sleep is associated with a sharp mind and active body. And now many researchers are zeroing in on the effects that a lack of sleep can have on the brain.

Berberine May Also Help Protect Your Brain Health

A wealth of clinical research has concluded berberine can do wonders for blood sugar balance, but new research has confirmed it may also save the brain from the damaging impact of "type 3 diabetes."

PQQ: Why This Antioxidant Is About to be Your Heart’s New Best Friend

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a nutrient discovered in 1974, may be destined to become the next supplement superstar, as research in recent years suggests it has a broad range of health benefits. Much of the buzz centers on its key action of boosting mitochondrial function, which had been compared to improving the performance of a...