The Real Reason the Advice to Cut Saturated Fat was the Biggest Medical Error of Our Time

By Mary West,

Heart shape toast

For the past 40 years, doctors have been advising patients to cut foods with saturated fat from the diet, such as butter, cream and cheese, presuming that these foods lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. Now, some experts across the globe are saying this myth may be “the greatest medical error of our time.” … Continue reading

The Salad Combination That Lowers Blood Pressure

By Mary West,

bp lowering combos

Sometimes health benefits come from eating certain foods in combination with each other that surpasses that of eating them separately. A recent study found when you make a salad that mixes together members of two different food groups, you get a palate-pleasing recipe that may help prevent cardiovascular disease. … Continue reading

Lower Your Stroke Risk by Eating These Foods

By John Phillip,

Most people have no idea they are at significant risk for a stroke until after falling victim to a catastrophic event. In a manner similar to other vascular afflictions, the risk of succumbing to a potentially fatal or disabling stroke is largely dependent on lifestyle factors, most notably diet. … Continue reading

Study Finds the Best Diet to Increase Lifespan and Ward Off Chronic Disease

By John Phillip,

olive oilA research group from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, publishing in the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that middle-aged women who followed one popular eating plan not only increased their lifespan, but also avoided physical or cognitive impairments and chronic illnesses in older age. … Continue reading

Compound Prevalent in This Diet May Hold Key to Stopping the Spread of Cancer

By John Phillip,

organic vegetablesVolumes of well documented scientific studies now provide conclusive evidence that many forms of potentially deadly cancers develop as the result of dietary or lifestyle influences, and can be prevented or even treated with relatively simple modifications and by utilizing a host of natural nutrients. … Continue reading