Mediterranean diet

Antidepressants Perpetuate Depression by Causing Your Brain to Produce Less Serotonin

Antidepressants are supposed to improve mental health, but evidence is mounting that in the long-term they worsen it. The medications produce a form of addiction through causing the brain to make less of the mood-elevating chemical serotonin. In addition, they may be contributing to the increase in bipolar disorder as well as fueling the...

This Salad Combination Lowers Blood Pressure

This tasty salad combination in not only palate-pleasing, but may help lower blood pressure levels.

Olive Oil: The Latest Brain Food?

Can one Mediterranean staple provide enough antioxidant protection to protect brain health?

The Real Reason the Advice to Cut Saturated Fat was the Biggest Medical Error of Our Time

Prescribing low fat diets for heart health - why that may be “the greatest medical error of our time.”

Lower Your Stroke Risk by Eating These Foods

Eating a Mediterranean-style diet may prevent you from having a stroke according to a recent study.

Study Finds the Best Diet to Increase Lifespan and Ward Off Chronic Disease

Following a Mediterranean diet may increase your lifespan and help you avoid cognitive decline and chronic illnesses as you age.

This Diet Lowers Risk of All-Cause Mortality, Especially in Men

New research further confirms the longevity and chronic disease prevention benefits obtained from eating a vegetarian diet.

Compound Prevalent in This Diet May Hold Key to Stopping the Spread of Cancer

A new study finds that apigenin, a compound found in plant-based foods, may have the ability to stop the spread of cancerous cells.

This Popular Diet Just Might Save You From Dementia

Following a Mediterranean has been found to reduce cognitive decline -- meaning it may help preserve memory and thinking abilities.

This Popular Diet Could Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study in Milan, Italy suggests that a Mediterranean diet as well as diets low in available carbohydrates reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.