5 Fun Facts About Watermelon + How You Can Cut It Effortlessly Every Time

By Gale Maleskey, MS, RD,

Happy National Watermelon Day! Nothing beats a big slice of perfectly ripe, icy cold watermelon on a hot summer afternoon. And BONUS: Watermelon has lots going for it healthwise, so it’s a guilt-free treat. Here are 5 fun facts to impress your friends at the next BBQ.

1. It’s one of the best food sources of

glutathione, an antioxidant important for liver detoxification. Watermelon is also a great source of lycopene, which reduces risk of prostate and other cancers.

2. And it contains citrulline,

an amino acid that converts to arginine, which helps to dilate blood vessels and may help blood pressure. It’s a decent source of potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene and it’s even been shown to reduce your risk of developing osteoarthritis.

3. Peak watermelon season is mid-June to late August.

4. A ripe watermelon will sound hollow when you tap on it.

Other tips, you ask? Finding the perfect watermelon can be tricky. In addition to sounding hollow when you tap on it, the rind will look slightly waxy, not dull. The bottom should be yellowish, a sign that it’s been allowed to ripen in the field. When buying cut watermelon, look for the reddest, firmest flesh. Paleness is a sign of unripe fruit, and mealiness signals over-ripeness.

5. Watermelon is roughly 92% water.

I guess this is why it’s considered one of most hydrating fruits you can eat. It’s also only 46 calories per cup! Indulge away.

It’s hard to improve on perfection–watermelon is great just the way it is–but it’s also wonderful in fruit salads and salsa.

There are many reasons for including colorful fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Not only do they provide a wide array of powerful health-promoting nutrients, they also taste amazing!

How to Cut a Watermelon Perfectly and Effortlessly Every Time

Have you ever struggled to cut watermelon in a way that’s both easy to cut and easy to eat? If so, here’s a tutorial that could be a real game changer for you. Happy eating!

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