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Top 13 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coffee

Have that morning cup of joe! Here our our top 13 evidence-based health benefits of coffee.

Your Body Isn’t Designed to Sit… It’s Designed to Move!

Prolonged sitting comes with some pretty serious health hazards. Studies repeatedly suggest that this sedentary behavior can lead to obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. It also increases your chances of cardiovascular disease cancer, and even death. But that’s not all… Until now, we’ve always thought we could sit on the couch or...

Is Ginger the Answer to Liver Health?

New research reveals liver-protective qualities of ginger.

Processed Fructose Found to Cause Liver Damage

More bad news for processed fructose.

Spice Up Blood Sugar Control with Cinnamon

A new study has found that cinnamon significantly delayed stomach emptying, benefiting diabetics.