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Gas Stove Dangers Revealed and How to Combat Them

Gas stoves are great for cooking, but beware -- they emit chemicals that are harming your health.

The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

Artificial sweeteners may seem like they would theoretically help with weight loss, but studies show that they may actually lead to obesity and other health problems.

Five Healthy Behaviors that Cut Your Risk of Heart Failure in Half

Are you a brisk walker? Do you stay active in your leisure time? And what about smoking and drinking? Are you smoke-free and a light drinker? A new study suggests that these factors, along with avoiding obesity, can half your risk of heart failure when compared to people who don’t take advantage of these...

Blue Light from e-Readers Suppresses Melatonin

If you do your bedtime reading on an electronic device, it could be affecting your overall health and alertness. It’s not that the readers themselves are dangerous. Rather, it’s the impact the blue light from these devices has on your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels. These devices have a much higher concentration of blue...

Study Finds Exercise Slows Alzheimer’s Progression Better Than Drugs

Recent research indicates that exercising for 150 minutes each week may be the best treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Play it Safe When it Comes to WiFi and Your Health

The health risks of electromagnetic radiation present in our modern-day life.

BPA-Free Plastics Contain Toxic Chemicals — Are Any Plastics Safe?

New research suggests that many of the BPA-free plastic alternatives have the same properties that make BPA so harmful.

New Weight Loss Balloon Pill: Good Science or Mad Science?

A new weight loss pill is on the market that pill that has an inflatable balloon inside it. But beware, it can have some serious health effects!

CDC Caught Red-Handed Exaggerating Flu Cases and Deaths

Learn why you cannot trust the CDC's statistical "facts" regarding the flu.

Navigating Dangerous Waters: Is Seafood Really Safe to Eat?

Should we trust governmental health agencies when they assure us that eating seafood is safe?