Warning: Eating This Impairs Brain Healing

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New evidence shows that processed sugars prevent the brain’s ability to heal after head trauma. … Continue reading

Happy National Beer Day: Here are 6 Beers That Aren’t Made with GMOs or “Fishy” Ingredients

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The cold beer Happy National Beer Day! While this ancient, fermented beverage is loaded with B-vitamin, many brewers add some less-than-appealing ingredients. Truth is, if all beer companies told the truth, some ingredient lists might read, “Brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water, GMO corn syrup, and fish bladder.” … Continue reading

Sweet But Toxic: The Fructose-Filled Foods You Should Ban from Your Diet Immediately

By Casie Terry,

high-fructose-syrup-400x400Sugar is sugar, right? Wrong! While the Corn Refiners Association spends thousands trying to convince you that your body doesn’t know the difference between various types and concentrations of sugar, research has caught up … Continue reading