Brain Supplements: The 7 Best Cognitive Boosters

By Maggie Spilner,

Brain Supplements: The 7 Best Cognitive Boosters

Getting older is inevitable. But memory loss is not. And neither is Alzheimer’s. That’s the conclusion of the Alzheimer’s Prevention and Research Foundation in Tucson, Arizona. More and more research is pointing to ways your lifestyle can prevent Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia through brain supplements. … Continue reading

B Vitamins May Help Ward Off This Aggressive Cancer

By Mary West,

vitaminsA new study suggests vitamin B intake from food and supplements may help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Conversely, it indicates eating foods that were initially fortified with folic acid increases the risk of this disease. … Continue reading

5 Foods That Can Naturally Boost Libido

By Live in the Now,

in bedWe’ve all heard a spate of advertisements recently hawking products that promise to boost performance in the bedroom, but rather than put your body at risk by taking something that could do more harm than good, we thought share a few foods and tricks that have been known to naturally boost libido. … Continue reading

Ward Off Brain Shrinkage by Boosting Your Intake of These Nutrients

By John Phillip,

Brain Scan

Alzheimer’s disease is pathologically characterized as a reduction in brain volume, commonly referred to as shrinkage, as well as amyloid protein tangles that prevent efficient communication between neurons by altering chemical and electrical signaling. … Continue reading