The Official Link Between Chronic Stress and Diabetes

By Mary West,

stress response

More and more, research finds that stress is a problem to be taken seriously because it increases the risk of multiple health disorders, one of which is diabetes. … Continue reading

Banana Cinnamon Tea: The Latest Sleeping Pill Alternative?

By Mary West,

banana-teaSleeping pills come with considerable risks and side effects, but nature provides a safe alternative. According to Dr. Oz, “bananas are a sleeping pill in a peel.” Next time you can’t sleep, drink a cup of soothing banana cinnamon tea. … Continue reading

How Does Turmeric Spice Compare to Turmeric Supplements?

By Mary West,

article11218 Discoveries of turmeric’s multiple health benefits have generated much public interest, but some may wonder how including the spice in the diet compares to taking the supplement. Here are some factors to consider. … Continue reading

The Source of All Inflammation and the Key to Fighting it

By Mary West,


In recent years much has been written about inflammation, as scientists have discovered it plays a major role in the development of an array of illnesses. But where does inflammation start? … Continue reading

Both Men and Women Need Exercise, but for Two Different Reasons

By Mary West,

Couple on bikes outdoors smilingThere’s no disputing the health benefits of exercise: it increases energy, improves heart health and keeps joints young. But when exploring the many other benefits of exercise, turns out men and women need exercise for two very different reasons.   … Continue reading

Drinking Coffee May Ward Off Colon Cancer

By Mary West,


A new study finds regular consumption of coffee may dramatically benefit patients with bowel cancer. It helps prevent the cancer from recurring after treatment, as well as boosts the likelihood of a cure. … Continue reading