8 Reasons to Enjoy a Hot Cup of Oolong Tea

Here are eight reasons you could benefit from drinking oolong tea.

High Fiber May be Key to Longevity

In an effort to cut through the noise, researchers set out to see if there was a simple dietary answer to our desire to age more healthfully and extend longevity.1 And given that previous research has shown that the simple act of adding adequate fiber to your diet can lower your risk of serious...

Diet High in Oily Fish Slashes Risk of Death from Cancer

A new study shows that eating oily fish might slash the risk of death from bowel cancer and suggests consuming a few mere mouthfuls per day can make a difference.

Why Everyone Should Eat Broccoli 3 Times a Week

Scientists are working on a way to increase the content of beneficial compounds found in broccoli, a superfood, already valuable for its many nutritional properties.

The Vegetable Oils to Avoid at All Costs

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal reveals that vegetable oils may produce larger amounts of aldehyde, a toxin linked to increased cancer and heart disease risk, than expected.

The Truth About the Latest Research Linking Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

The debate as to whether or not cell phones cause cancer has been running for many years now, and new evidence suggests another reason for caution.

Drink This Juice to Extend Your Nightly Sleep by 90 Minutes

Studies show that drinking tart cherry juice two times a day can give you up to 90 more minutes of sleep at night.

Banana Cinnamon Tea: The Latest Sleeping Pill Alternative?

According to Dr. Oz, “bananas are a sleeping pill in a peel.” Next time you can’t sleep, drink a cup of soothing banana cinnamon tea.

The 6 Most Dangerous Chemicals on Your Gym Clothes

You make the effort to exercise so you can enjoy better physical and mental health. But are toxins in your workout clothes undermining some of the benefits?

Eating Spicy Foods Regularly May Help You Live Longer

The buzz about chili peppers is heating up. According to a recent study, they may help you live longer as well as reduce your risk of heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer.