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Women With Low Levels of Vitamin D May Be at Higher-Risk for Breast Cancer

According to a new study out of Brazil, women with low levels of Vitamin D after menopause may have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. The medical research team at the Sao Paulo State University in Brazil analyzed data from more than 600 Brazilian women between 45-75 years old. Participants were divided into...

Consumer Alert: Sunscreen Chemicals Pose New Threat to Women

In a new study, British researchers found that common ultraviolet (UV) filters used in sunscreens were present in the breast tissue of 95 percent of women undergoing mastectomies.

8 Heart-Healthy Reasons to Cheers on National Drink Wine Day

Resveratrol, the potent antioxidant substance found in red wine, has remarkable health benefits. So we’re pouring out 8 reasons why you should raise a glass and celebrate. Cheers!

These Steps Can Prevent One in Three Breast Cancers

Most people believe that cancer is hereditary… that if they have the “gene for it” there is nothing they can do to stop it. 

Can This Juice Slash Breast Cancer Risk by 60 Percent?

A new study finds the cancer preventive effects of a certain vegetable are greater than anyone expected. The discovery shows a simple practice can have a big impact on health.

Study Uncovers Disturbing News About Your Deodorant

Your deodorant changes the makeup of your underarm microbial community, thereby eliminating the "good" bacteria and making room for other bacterial strains.

Study Finds Ginger Is 10,000 Times More Effective Than This Conventional Treatment

Many of you have had a loved one who suffered the horrific effects of chemotherapy only to later succumb to cancer. An exciting discovery gives hope that a natural alternative may be more effective than chemotherapy yet have no side effects.

Both Men and Women Need Exercise, but for Two Different Reasons

There’s no disputing the health benefits of exercise: it increases energy, improves heart health and keeps joints young. But when exploring the many other benefits of exercise, turns out men and women need exercise for two very different reasons.  

This Diet Boosts Mood and May Cut Breast Cancer Risk by 68%

Past research shows a link between the Mediterranean diet and an extraordinary array of disease-prevention benefits. The latest studies reveal two more advantages to add to the list -- fighting depression and breast cancer. It is becoming increasingly clear that this eating plan is a vital part of the formula for optimal health.

Women: Bigger Skirt Size Linked to 33% Higher Risk of Breast Cancer

Every woman wants to be able to wear a size 6. But as the years catch up with us, our waistlines tend to grow. And menopause doesn’t do us any favors in that department. Now, research is showing that thickening of the waistline—even if you’re not overweight—can add to your risk of breast cancer....