Can Belief in God Improve Your Brain Health?

For generations, people have always had a general sense that belief in God could somehow have a positive impact on one’s health, but now there is scientific evidence to support that. Can Science Find Harmony with Spirituality? Scientists at Yale and Columbia Universities, working at the crossroads of spirituality and science, most recently discovered...

Benefits of Bacopa: Here’s What This Nootropic Can Do For Your Brain

The wide spectrum of brain health benefits offered by Bacopa make this a flowering herb you're going to want to know more about.

Feeling Forgetful? Better Lay Off These Foods

Researchers from the Mayo clinic recently linked two classes of foods with increased risk for cognitive decline.

Prevagen Comes Under Fire for Deceptive Claims

The "jellyfish memory supplement" is under fire from the FTC for making false claims that it can ward off memory loss and boost brainpower.

Nervous Nelly? 12 Things It’s Doing to Your Brain

Chronic stress increases one of the stress hormones that affects many brain functions, putting you at risk for several mental and physiological conditions.

How You Should Sleep if You Want to Avoid Memory Problems

A study recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience finds that one sleeping posture in particular that may decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercising Four Times Per Week Reversed Early Signs of Dementia

Developing dementia is one of the primary fears associated with aging, but new studies show cognitive decline isn’t necessarily inevitable in the golden years. They found physical exercise and a certain kind of mental exercise can make quite a difference in brain volume and function.

Pepsi Reintroduces Known Cancer-Causing Ingredient

Less than a year after making the responsible decision to remove aspartame from its products, Pepsi has backtracked, announcing that it will be reintroducing the artificial sweetener into two of its beverages. With links to cancer in lab mice, not to mention an association with side effects such as headaches, depression, and memory...

Can Cinnamon Boost Your Brain Power?

Studies show that consuming cinnamon can enhance brain functions. It is believed that cinammon can also help fight cancer, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

Texting Impairs Sixth Sense that Keeps You Safe While Driving

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the time it takes to send a text while driving at 55mph is long enough to cover the length of a football field blindfolded. But is texting worse than any other distraction you might encounter while driving? A team of researchers put that question...