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5 Reasons to Kick Plastic Containers Out of Your Life

Plastic has its role in modern society. But there’s one place where plastic has worn out its welcome – and that’s as a container for our food and water.

BPA-Free Plastics Contain Toxic Chemicals — Are Any Plastics Safe?

New research suggests that many of the BPA-free plastic alternatives have the same properties that make BPA so harmful.

How Food Containers Might Be Linked to Your Migraines

Research shows that exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) may triggure migraine headaches.

Why Is The Food Industry Poisoning Us With Trillions of Nanoparticles?

Toxic titanium dioxide nanoparticles are in toothpaste, drugs and excipient-heavy supplements as a pill coating, food products -- even milk.

Everyday Cleaning Products Linked to an Array of Health Issues

The World Health Organization recently released a study detailing the disturbing endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals used in many common household cleaning supplies.

Want to Avoid BPA in Canned Foods? Stick with These Brands

Though the FDA refuses to enact a ban on BPA in canned foods, these companies have already removed the chemical from their products.

BPA Linked to Obesity in Kids

The list of health complications related to BPA seems to keep getting longer. Now childhood obesity is linked to exposure to this dangerous hormone disruptor.

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BPA Causing Interbreeding of Fish Species, Disturbing Natural Balance

Researchers studying Shiner fish have discovered that the hormone disruptor, BPA, has made its way to our aquatic ecosystem and is impacting our marine life.

BPA Banned from Baby Bottles but More Dangers Lurk

The government announced Tuesday that it will ban BPA from all baby bottles and sippy cups. But, unfortunately, that doesn't mean consumers can rest assured.