Big Pharma

Should You Always Do What Your Doctor Says?

Should you always do what your doctor says? The short answer is no, but the long answer – thanks to the patient engagement movement – is more complicated.

This Kills One Person Every 13 Minutes — And It’s Probably in Your Bathroom…

Did you know that properly prescribed, correctly taken prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans each year?

It’s Official: Recent Vote Puts the FDA in Big Pharma’s Pockets

Last week, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve the nomination of Dr. Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner.

Coca-Cola Exec Steps Down After Email Scandal Exposes Deceitful Practices

Coke exec steps down after emails show the company was intentionally skewing the science about the health effects of its products. The e-mails show a Coca-Cola-backed agency funding research that promotes the idea that lack of exercise, not bad diet, is primarily responsible for the obesity epidemic.

Why We Can’t Trust the Mainstream Media about Drugs and Vaccines

Time and other publications in mainstream media are publishing articles praising drug companies and are presumably kept alive by revenue generated from drug companies' advertisements. Write to Time and tell them they should be ashamed of running such stories repeatedly, week after week, only a few pages from their drug ads.

Eye-Opening Findings Reveal Effectiveness of Antidepressants is a Myth

Are antidepressants overprescribed? Do they really work? Are they dangerous to those who take them and to society at large? Let’s take these questions one at a time, examining the evidence.

This Class of Drugs Officially Kills More People Than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

The number of deaths from common prescription painkillers has soared, exceeding the number of deaths from heroin and cocaine overdoses combined.

Infographic: Yes — Americans are Clearly Over Medicated

Americans are overmedicated. Learn how this is affecting our nation's health.

Congressman Alleges Corruption in CDC Vaccine Studies

Congressman Bill Posey believes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should be investigated for its handling of vaccine safety studies.

How Big Pharma and the Media Sell Junk Science

Learn how to spot Big Pharma’s spin on both supplements and drugs and where to find the truth.