Time-Restricted Eating: The Lost Key to Weight Loss?

According to nutrition experts the benefits of eating during a certain timespan include: reduced inflammation, increased detoxification, enhanced immunity, improved brain function, decreased risk of cancer and minimized effects of aging.

Could Fasting Be a Potent Weapon Against Cancer?

A recent study found intermittent fasting hindered the start, as well as reversed the progression of, two forms of childhood leukemia. Earlier research has provided evidence of the cancer-fighting properties of the practice as well. So could the dietary practice be a potent weapon against malignancies?

Sugar Free “Diet Soda” Causes Type 2 Diabetes Risk to Skyrocket

Since the consumption of sugar has been linked to diabetes, many people opt for diet sodas over sugary beverages in hopes that they will help protect them from the illness. However, research from Sweden's Karolinska Institute indicates the diet variety offers no protection. In fact, the results totally debunk the misinformation the diet soda...

10 Signs Your Pet May Have a Blood Sugar Imbalance

As weight management continues to be a problem for many dogs and cats, vets are finding canine and feline diabetes to be a growing concern.

Larger Friends May Influence Your Appetite

Many of us battle with weight problems every single day. And it’s not always easy to make the right food choices when you go to a restaurant. After all, the menu is loaded with treats that are lot yummier than a green salad. But is it all of those tasty treats that lead you...

Enhancing Aroma and Flavor of Food May Help Boost the Immune System

Enhancing the taste and smell of foods may result in a stronger immune system.

Mystery Unlocked: How Fiber Curbs Hunger

Scientists now know the secret to dietary fiber's ability to suppresses appetite.

7 Reasons to Eat More Avocado

Adding avocado to your lunch routine may prevent late afternoon hunger pangs and cravings.

The Calorie Myth: 6 Reasons Not All Calories Are Created Equal

Calories are not created equal. The source of the calories matter since different foods go through different biochemical pathways.

Everything You Need to Know About “Resistant Starch”

Resistant starch has been linked to improved insulin sensitivity, reduced appetite and various benefits for digestion. Should you give it a try?