4 Proven Health Benefits of Krill Oil

Ever since krill oil broke onto the scene in the early 2000s, people have tried drawing parallels between krill oil and fish oil, but the truth is that two have many perks independent of each other. Many of these perks were outlined in our article Fish Oil or Krill Oil? That is the Question,...

What Your Stool Can Tell You About Your Health

Most people think constipation means not being able to "go" regularly, but really it refers primarily to the consistency of the stool - and that can say much more about your health than you think.

7 Reasons You Need More Spirulina + 3 Ways to Boost Your Intake

The immune boosting, skin brightening and energy lifting health benefits of spirulina are not to be ignored. And yet, despite offeringessential fatty acids, high levels of hard-to-get vitamins and trace minerals, rare antioxidant phytopigments and a complete profile of the essential amino acids, many health enthusiasts remain wary of this nutrient powerhouse.

Arthritis 101: 3 Tips That Can Save Your Joints

Take these steps to optimize joint health, so you can minimize the chances of developing joint problems in the first place.

Astaxanthin: Can This Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Also Save Your Vision?

The good news about the benefits of astaxanthin just keeps coming. Exciting new research on this antioxidant’s protective effects on the eyes and heart is especially promising.

How One Cheese May Protect Your Heart

Blue-veined cheeses have been found to reduce atherogenic inflammation in preliminary studies.

The Best & Worst Foods for Inflammation

Eating foods that fight inflammation and avoiding foods that produce it is a good strategy to reduce the risk of many maladies that plague the modern world.

Happy National Beer Day: Here are 6 Beers That Aren’t Made with GMOs or “Fishy” Ingredients

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Arthritis Treatment: Coconut Oil May Reduce Inflammation

Virgin coconut oil may relieve the inflammation associated with arthritis more effectively than medications.

Why Curcumin is the Official “King of All Spices”

Curcumin is quickly becoming recognized as a fountain of youth "superspice" with near-miraculous potential in modern medicine.