Arthritis Treatment: Coconut Oil May Reduce Inflammation

By Mary West,

Coconut oil as an arthritis treatment The scientific world has made a discovery that will be immensely welcome to scores of arthritis sufferers. Virgin coconut oil may relieve the inflammation associated with the condition. And even more effectively than medications as an arthritis treatment. … Continue reading

7 Healing Herbs and Spices that Rival Drugs and Meds

By Carolyn Banach, MS, RD,

Why take chemical-laden medications when there are safe, natural alternatives available that can be just as effective? In fact, there are seven extremely beneficial spices and herbs that I like to call “must haves” in my home. These plants offer a wide spectrum of healing powers, and can help you take back your health – naturally. … Continue reading

Is This the Most Underestimated Liver Cleansing Herb of All Time?

By John Phillip,

img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-9150″ style=”margin: 10px;” title=”milk thistle” src=”×266.jpg” alt=”milk thistle” width=”280″ height=”186″ />The liver and brain are two metabolically active organs that are under constant attack from disease promoting free radicals. … Continue reading

Migraines? Here are 5 Natural Remedies for Relief

By Live in the Now,

Addicted to AnxietyMore than 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, according to the National Headache Foundation. Knowing you’re not alone in your migraine struggles may offer some comfort, but it doesn’t solve the problem. … Continue reading

Lower Blood Pressure by Topping Salad With This Combo

By John Phillip,

watermelon saladOften referred to as a silent killer, hypertension frequently runs in families and is largely preventable with blood pressure monitoring along with dietary and lifestyle modifications — but could one food combination, in particular, help? … Continue reading