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8 Questions Every Pet Parent Should Ask the Vet

From what type of treats to serve to the reason for the twitch your cat has been doing, your vet holds answers. Here are 8 questions to ask the vet.

6 Foods to Use Instead of Medication

Not every type of ailment or illness needs to be treated with medication, in fact, many types of conditions may be effectively treated naturally by consuming beneficial foods. Considering the high costs and long lists of side effects associated with many types of medication, choosing to treat your condition with food—at least before resorting...

4 Healthy Diet Tricks We Can Learn From the Olympians

It’s hard to watch the Olympic games without becoming swept up in the excitement and inspired by the athlete’s dedication. If all that good energy gets you thinking about upping your fitness routine, here’s a new take: instead of adding mileage to your current run, or tacking on an extra day at the...

How Sugar Makes You AGE Faster (and How You Can Reverse the Damage)

Imagine 26 five-pound bags of sugar lined up on a counter. Now imagine eating ALL of that sugar. Well, you might be shocked to learn that’s about how much added sugar the average Americans consume per year — 130 pounds — more than half a cup per day. That’s A LOT of sugar wreaking...

4 Superfoods Found to Fight Prostate Cancer

Anti-cancer properties found in broccoli, turmeric, green tea and pomegranate have been found to help fight prostate cancer.

Eating Omega-3 Foods Tied to Lower Risk of Death from Heart Disease

Evidence of the health benefits from eating omega-3 foods continues to mount. A global epidemiological study found that including these foods in the diet modestly reduces the risk of death from heart disease.

Dodge Zika Naturally: 6 DEET-Free Bug Sprays That Actually Work

While some people tend to attract more mosquito bites than others, everyone is at risk for finishing a relaxing summertime walk with large, red itchy welts.

5 Reasons Coconut Oil May Improve Overall Brain Function

Here are 5 reasons why adding coconut oil into your daily regime may improve your overall brain function.

This Lamp Can Purify the Air You Breathe

What are Himalayan salt lamps and what are the health benefits?

Is Turmeric More Effective Than These 5 Medications?

The compound curcumin within turmeric is likely nature's most powerful alternative to these five over-the-counter medications.