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Eating More Berries May Ward Off a Common Heart Concern

A new study finds anthocyanins, the brightly colored antioxidant pigments in berries, can help prevent the inflammatory response that causes atherosclerosis.

10 High-Fat Foods That Are Surprisingly Super Healthy

10 high-fat foods that are actually incredibly healthy and nutritious.

8 Immune Boosting Tricks You May Not Know About

7 ways to prevent viruses from inhabiting your body and to keep your immune system healthy and strong this winter.

Could Fasting Be a Potent Weapon Against Cancer?

A recent study found intermittent fasting hindered the start, as well as reversed the progression of, two forms of childhood leukemia. Earlier research has provided evidence of the cancer-fighting properties of the practice as well. So could the dietary practice be a potent weapon against malignancies?

7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Prayer or Meditation Space at Home

Relieving anxiety and depression are among the many benefits gained from practicing meditation. Here are seven ways to incorporate the practice in your daily routine.

Does a High Fat Diet Increase Spread of Cancer?

According to research, unhealthy fats may cause cancer cells to multiply at an accelerated rate. But it's important to know which types of fat to avoid.

Magnesium Guards Your Brain Against Depression

According to research, magnesium may curb symptoms of depression and it play a role in your mood and emotional state -- so why don't more doctors try magnesium therapy before resorting to dangerous drugs?

Testosterone Replacement Treatments Increase Risk for Blood Clots

No man wants to lose his energy, stamina, strength and sex drive as he ages. But while getting your “mojo” back may sound like manna from heaven, testosterone replacement drugs have some very definite downsides.

CoQ10 Benefits & the Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

You've likely heard of coenzyme-Q10 (also known as CoQ10). In fact, if you're over the age of 40, on a statin medication or have heart health concerns, chances are you take a daily CoQ10 supplement, but still have some lingering questions.

Need a Quick Brain Boost? Science Says Do This

A study finds a certain kind of breathing stimulates various areas within the brain. When you breathe in this manner, you can expect enhanced emotional judgments and improved memory.