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5 Nutrient-Rich, Non-Bloating Foods

Ever feel like certain “healthy” foods cause you some uncomfortable bloating, gas and constipation? Here are a few foods packed with vitamins, polyphenols and nutrients that can help you feel great without the bloat.

Prevagen Memory Supplement Found to Be a Fraud

The "jellyfish memory supplement" is under fire from the FTC for making false claims that it can ward off memory loss and boost brainpower.

Nanoparticles Loaded with Curcumin Can Kill Cancer Cells

Nanoparticles may be small, but this discovery is huge, as science may have found another amazing use for curcumin, the yellow-pigmented part of the spice turmeric.

Lutein: The Eye Nutrient that Also Protects Your Brain

New research has shown that lutein, a nutrient praised for its vision support benefits, can also help protect against cognitive decline.

On a Statin? CoQ10 Supplementation Should Be Non-Negotiable

The widespread use of statin drugs makes immediate supplementation with CoQ10 not only advisable, but probably necessary. Here's the real reason everyone taking a statin drug needs more of this antioxidant.

Acidic vs. Alkaline Foods

Some foods may seem obviously acidic such as citrus fruits and coffee. But, you may be surprised to learn that only one of these foods is actually acidic when metabolized in the body.

Why Your Pet Should Never Drink Tap Water

The dangers found in tap water can have the same effect on your pet’s health as they do on yours. Here are some reasons you should think twice when heading to the kitchen sink the next time you go refill his bowl.

13 Crazy Tricks People Swear By for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness doesn't have to be unbearable. Here are several natural ways to deal with the discomfort.

Sweet Summertime Recipe: Blueberry Walnut Muffins

This heart healthy recipe swaps out regular, processed all-purpose flour for whole wheat pastry flour and oats. And it's topped off with walnuts which are rich in unsaturated fats.

3 Spices to Help Whittle Your Middle

These three spices are powerful tools when trying to lose weight — especially in that pesky midsection.