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Sitting Too Much? Here are 6 Tricks to Sneak 30 Minutes of Activity Into Your Day

The experts agree: Sitting too much is this generation's smoking. So here's what you can do to add a few more steps to your day.

Steam, Poach or Boil to Cut Your Risk of Diabetes

A recent study is shedding new light on the food preparation methods that may help reduce diabetes risk — but not for the reason you think. When you cook foods with dry heat, it produces cell-damaging advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. While these compounds present dangers to us all, they are especially risky...

The 15 Foods You Must Buy Organic

This time of year when we tend to eat more fruit for its refreshing taste, but some fruit is GMO-laden and pesticide-covered. Here are some facts about GMO's and tips on eating fruit safely this season.

If Your Anxious Dog Could Talk, He or She Would Ask for This

Stress can be a big problem for our beloved pets, and when it shows up in behavior like excessive barking, aggression, tearing up rugs or furniture, or messy “accidents” on the floor, it can really add to your stress, too.

Why “Pink Mayo” Could Be a Healthier Alternative

Researchers have found that beetroot used in mayonnaise can help to keep the mayonnaise fresh without the use of artificial preservatives.

An Aspirin a Day…Doubles Heart Attack Risk?

Research shows that heart complications are only part of the side effects that come from taking aspirin.

10 Animals You Need to Follow on Social Media Right Now

We’ve rounded up 12 of the world’s most famous animals that are “pawsibly” some of the cutest things you’ll see all day!

Blueberries Found to Boost Brain Activity

Blueberries have long been praised for their many nutritional benefits, but new research shows that blueberries even support cognitive function.

Scientists Have Discovered CoQ10’s Perfect Partner

New research is showing that if you want to stay healthy, active and youthful as you age, taking care of your mitochondria may be the single most important thing you can do.

Natural Allergy Fighters: 5 Drug-Free Ways to Find Allergy Relief

Allergy season is almost in full swing but you still have time to arm yourself with all natural remedies instead of reaching for over-the-counter drugs.