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14 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Him

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here are 14 sweet ways to say, “I woof you!”

Recall Alert: If You Have One of These Air-Cleansing Lamps, It’s Time to Unplug

We've long touted the many health benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps to purify the air you breathe, but one brand is urging customers to unplug due to potential dangers.

The Benefits of CoQ10 and the Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

You've likely heard of coenzyme-Q10 (also known as CoQ10). In fact, if you're over the age of 40, on a statin medication or have heart health concerns, chances are you take a daily CoQ10 supplement, but still have some lingering questions.

4 Ways to Improve Your Balance (And Why It’s More Important Than You Think)

Balance training is reportedly important for everyone, from athletes to casual exercisers - but critical for anyone over 40. According to the CDC, more than 800,000 American are hospitalized each year because of a fall injury. So here's how to improve and protect stability to ensure you feel strong and balanced at all...

Fish Oil: A Natural Alternative to Antidepressants?

As antidepressant use continues to unnecessarily skyrocket, studies show people who take fish experience significantly fewer instances of depression. So researchers set out to test a theory.

FDA Warns Acid Blockers Are Only Safe for 2 Weeks

If you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, here's important news: New research shows that your problems may be caused by two hidden triggers that the "solutions" most doctors recommend fail to address.

Need a Quick Brain Boost? Science Says Do This

A study finds a certain kind of breathing stimulates various areas within the brain. When you breathe in this manner, you can expect enhanced emotional judgments and improved memory.

Vitamin D: A Complementary Option for Chronic Pain?

If you're one of the many who think vitamin D is only good for your bones, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that deficiency of this "sunshine vitamin" is associated with back, knee and abdominal pain.

5 Stretches Everyone Should Do Every Morning

Here are five stretches to start your day to ensure improved flexibility, mobility, and flexibility.

Tomato Extract: A Surprising Alternative to Daily Aspirin?

Millions of Americans take a daily dose of aspirin to thin the blood in hopes of reducing their risk of a heart attack or stroke. Is it possible that tomato extract could produce a similar benefit?