Latest Research

Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

A study in Spain found that men who adhered to the Mediterranean diet had a reduced risk of aggressive prostate cancer (PC) compared to those who followed the Prudent or Western diets.

Even Quick Bursts of Exercise Can Greatly Improve Your Brain Function

New research has revealed that an aerobic exercise session of just ten minutes can improve activity in the parts of the brain that help with problem solving and focus.

More Evidence of Link Between Statins and Diabetes

The use of satin drugs has already been associated with over 300 adverse health effects, and now, a study has found that long-term use may increase type 2 diabetes risk by 30 percent in high-risk individuals.

9 Reasons You Need More Vitamin D (Especially This Time of Year)

Why take extra vitamin D? Let us count the ways---especially around this time of year.

Natural Alternatives to 10 of the Most Common Drugs

Few side effects should make these natural alternatives to drugs your first choice.

What Happens Just 9 Days After Giving Up High Fructose Corn Syrup

Scientists found that ditching foods containing high fructose corn syrup can do remarkable things for your body — and in just 9 days.

One Household Chemical Was Recently Linked to Several Chronic Diseases

In a recent Australian study, researchers discovered a link between a chemical found in everyday household products and a higher rate of chronic disease in men.

Love Your Morning Joe? Enjoy a Second Cup — It May Help You Live Longer

Research shows that drinking coffee may do more than offer you a morning pick-me-up ⸺ it can also extend your lifespan.

Is This How YOU Can Take Control of Your Own Healthcare?

By making health coaches, nutrition services, and dietary supplements more affordable, the Health Savings Act empowers individuals to take a proactive approach to their health.

Diet Soda Now Linked to Stroke and Dementia Risk

According to a new study, we can, in fact, add increased risk of stroke and dementia to the list of dangers that come with drinking a diet soda.