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Not Hungry After Your Workout? Researchers Reveal Why

You’ve just finished a good workout and figure it’s time for some food, but, on closer inspection, you realize that you’re not actually hungry. Familiar with this phenomenon?

Daily Short Bursts of Exercise Can Slash Premature Death Risk in Half

Research at Duke University School of Medicine found that at least twenty minutes of exercise per day could reduce the risk of premature death.

This Makes Exercising More Enjoyable

With New Year’s Resolutions behind us as we head into spring, many people are beginning to lose that motivation to go to the gym or work out on their own. So how do you get the workout bug back?

Step Up Your Fitness Game With Chocolate (Yes, We’re Serious!)

A breakthrough study has revealed that daily consumption of dark chocolate can improve fitness training and routine workouts.

Walking Can Help Older Adults Live Longer

A new study adds to the evidence that walking has a longevity benefit. It suggests older adults who walk regularly have a greater likelihood of living longer.

Arthritis 101: 3 Tips That Can Save Your Joints

Take these steps to optimize joint health, so you can minimize the chances of developing joint problems in the first place.

8 Easy At-Home Workouts to Improve Your Joints

Here are a few easy, at-home exercises to incorporate into your regimen that can help you maintain proper motion and flexibility of your joints.

7 Cozy Things to Look Forward to This Fall

With the warm months of summer coming to a close, it’s time to start looking forward to all the joys that autumn brings.

Curcumin as Powerful as Exercise for Cardiovascular Health

Researchers have found that the health benefits of consuming curcumin are similar to those associated with exercise.

Yoga Can Help Reverse Negative DNA Reactions

A new study has found that yoga, Tai Chi and other Eastern disciplines don’t simply just relax us, they can also help reverse the expression of genes involved in stress-induced inflammatory reactions.