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8 Questions Every Pet Parent Should Ask the Vet

From what type of treats to serve to the reason for the twitch your cat has been doing, your vet holds answers. Here are 8 questions to ask the vet.

4 Healthy Diet Tricks We Can Learn From the Olympians

It’s hard to watch the Olympic games without becoming swept up in the excitement and inspired by the athlete’s dedication. If all that good energy gets you thinking about upping your fitness routine, here’s a new take: instead of adding mileage to your current run, or tacking on an extra day at the...

Dark Chocolate: The Perfect Antidote for a Midday Slump — You’re Welcome

Researchers at Northern Arizona University discovered that dark chocolate can boost attention levels and alertness as well as lower blood pressure.

Doing This May Be the Key to Living to 100

Having a close network of friends and family around may be the secret to longevity, according to a book called The Village Effect by psychologist Susan Pinker.

The Official Link Between Chronic Stress and Diabetes

Research finds that stress is a problem to be taken seriously because it increases the risk of multiple health disorders, one of which is diabetes.

5 Foods That are Destroying Your Skin

The saying “beauty is skin deep" rings true. For healthy skin, avoid reaching for these foods (and drinks) that cause skin damage at your next meal.

Exercise Linked to Lower Risk of 13 Types of Cancer

Exercise is tied to a reduction in cancer risk. A new study finds even a little exercise significantly cuts the risk of 13 types of the disease.

Cervicalgia: A Pain in the Neck That May Be Responsible for Your Headaches

Neck pain is a prevalent problem in the U.S. Discover the most common types of neck pain and what you can do at home to correct these problems.

8 Surprising Things Robbing You of Energy

Energy levels are impacted by so much more than just long days. Here are 7 things that can drain your energy levels, plus how to dodge the energy-sapping damage.

Berberine Benefits: Is It Really a Key Supplement for Those with Diabetes?

Research reveals berberine may alleviate high cholesterol, heart failure and other medical conditions. Here is the scoop on this healthful botanical.