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8 Supplements That Every Man Over 50 Should Know About

Along with maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, these eight herbs and supplements are worth taking to support men’s health.

95% of Your Energy Comes From This — And Researchers Found a Way to Make More of It

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a nutrient discovered in 1974, may be destined to become the next supplement superstar, as research in recent years suggests it has a broad range of health benefits. Much of the buzz centers on its key action of boosting mitochondrial function, which had been compared to improving the performance of a...

Why I Added PQQ to My CoQ10 (And I Can Really Feel the Difference!)

I think everyone would agree that maintaining a healthy heart and a sharp mind are vital to enjoying a long, active life. And it stands to reason that your heart and your brain require the lion’s share of your body’s cellular energy to function properly — energy that naturally depletes as you age. Indeed, as...

Meet the Herb That Can Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

Do you know what the #1 most overlooked risk factor is when it comes to your heart, brain and longevity? It's stress. But there are natural solutions to stress.

Fascia: The Mystery “Muscle” That May Be Causing Body-Wide Pain

Your fascia plays an important role in your body. Failing to take proper care of your fascia may lead to pain, aches, and even body-wide discomfort.

New FDA Proposal Could Ban Many Vitamins and Supplements

The long-awaited revision of FDA guidance rules for new supplements is finally here. It is very bad news. The good news is, there is something you can do, which is why the Alliance for Natural Health has issued its highest ever Action Alert! The draft of regulations governing new dietary supplements under DSHEA, arriving...

5 Signs Your Body Needs More CoQ10

Five amazing benefits of CoQ10.

Study: This Vitamin Made Skin Look 57.9% Younger

You probably know how important vitamin C is as an essential nutrient. Found in high concentrations in citrus fruits, berries and rose hips (the fruit of the rose plant), it plays a vital role in supporting your immune system and overall health. What you may not know is that vitamin C is also an essential...

Is Your Liver Crying Out for Help? This One-Minute Quiz Will Tell You

Is your liver crying out for help? Take this one-minute assessment to find out. (Check all the boxes that apply to you.)

6 Air Purifying Plants That Remove Impurities, Says NASA

Based on ease-of-care, attainability, appearance and effectiveness, here are our top six air purifying plants.