Consumer Alerts

Natural Alternatives to 10 of the Most Common Drugs

Few side effects should make these natural alternatives to drugs your first choice.

3 Medications That Could Increase Your Risk for Dementia

Research has shown that some over-the-counter medication and some prescription medication may increase the risk of dementia.

Put Down the Can: Diet Drinks and Foods Officially Linked to Diabetes and Weight Gain

Researchers have found that diet drinks and food actually defeat the exact purpose for which they were intended — increasing the likelihood of both diabetes and weight gain.

This Weight-Loss “Solution” Caused Five Deaths

Don't be fooled — this risky weight loss approach has already been linked to five deaths.

Doctors, Big Pharma or the FDA — Who’s Really to Blame for the Opioid Crisis in America?

The toll the opioid epidemic is taking on American lives is staggering. And despite the widespread attention it’s receiving by media outlets, the crisis is only intensifying, with blame being shot back and forth on all sides.

Prevagen Comes Under Fire for Deceptive Claims

The "jellyfish memory supplement" is under fire from the FTC for making false claims that it can ward off memory loss and boost brainpower.

Antibiotics: New Report Says You Should Stop When You Feel Better

Do you really need to finish the full course of antibiotics? A new report suggests that's actually a bad idea.

Diet Soda Now Linked to Stroke and Dementia Risk

According to a new study, we can, in fact, add increased risk of stroke and dementia to the list of dangers that come with drinking a diet soda.

Common Disinfectant Linked to Antibiotic Resistance

Triclosan and other ingredients found in many anti-bacterial household products, are building up in the environment, which can change the ecosystem and fuel bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Common Heartburn Drugs Linked to Higher Risk of Early Death

Consumer Alert: A new study has linked common heartburn drugs, such as Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium, with a higher risk of early death.