Consumer Alerts

Tamiflu Side Effects: Reports of Hallucinations Abound

Many people with the flu have reached for Tamiflu; however, reports of serious neuropsychiatric side effects, such as hallucinations, are raising concerns about its safety.

Consumer Watchdog: Don’t Trust All “Extra Virgin” Claims on Olive Oil

Research shows extra virgin olive oil is linked to various health benefits, but according to a consumer watchdog group review, the “extra virgin” label can’t always be trusted.

“Sleeping” Bacteria May Be Responsible for Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are so commonly used to treat infections that it’s hard to imagine that someday they may not work for you. But as the threat of antibiotic resistance grows, this could become a very real possibility.

Using Mouthwash May Increase Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A new Harvard study has found that people who swish twice or more daily have a “significantly” higher likelihood of developing prediabetes and diabetes than those who swish less frequently.

FDA and CDC Warn Against the Health Risks of Eating Raw Cookie Dough

‘Tis the season to bake cookies, but the FDA and CDC recently warned against eating the raw cookie dough.

Combating the Opioid Epidemic: Is This the Solution?

In addition to the tragic impact on human lives, opioid addiction places a social and economic strain on the nation. As researchers struggle to find solutions, some are looking at ways to better control the prescribing process.

Organic Eggs: Are They What They’re Cracked Up to Be?

It's important to know that the organic eggs from your grocery store raise some serious questions, both in terms of treatment of the hen, and the quality of the egg itself.

More Bad News for Monsanto’s Roundup Weed-Killer

Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide may not be classified as a known carcinogen, yet, but there are plenty of causes for concern regarding its widespread use.

5 Worst Chemicals in Your Cleaning Products (and the Safe Alternatives to Use Instead)

Did you know that many of the products we use to clean our homes are full of toxins? Here are some common household chemicals, as well as safe, natural alternatives.

Yikes! Three-Fourths of World’s Honey Contains a Harmful Pesticide

A new report has found that 75 percent of the world’s honey is contaminated with a certain type of pesticide.