Alternative Medicine

Study Finds New Art Trend Lowers Stress Levels

Art therapists tend believe that the stress-relieving claims surrounding coloring books may be misleading, and that true art therapy is not simply about "feeling better," but more about growth and relationships.

9 Reasons You Need More Vitamin D (Especially This Time of Year)

Why take extra vitamin D? Let us count the ways---especially around this time of year.

12 Surprising Foods That Can Boost Your Brain Power Now

While consuming nutrients that offer long-term brain protection is critical to health, who doesn't occasionally wish there were quick and easy ways to boost memory and brain function in the short-term, too?

Top 13 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coffee

Have that morning cup of joe! Here our our top 13 evidence-based health benefits of coffee.

Study Finds Curcumin Rivals Antidepressants in a BIG Way

Curcumin, a constituent of the spice turmeric, may relieve depression symptoms.

Deceleration: The Art of Slowing Down

Time is precious, so why are we all rushing through it in a distracted state?

Curcumin: It Can Help Heal Burns, Too

In a study performed on burned skin, curcumin was clinically shown to rapidly decrease swelling, halt the formation of blisters, prevent infection and reduce redness.

Curcumin Outperforms Ibuprofen for Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, you'll be excited to learn you need not resort to taking ibuprofen to reduce discomfort. Relief from your suffering may be only a capsule of turmeric extract away.

Brain Impairments? Curcumin to the Rescue (Again)

Age-related cerebrovascular dysfunction, conditions affecting the blood vessels of the brain, is epidemic in our culture. But now, promising findings of a recent study suggest curcumin may be an effective solution.

Yoga Can Help Reverse Negative DNA Reactions

A new study has found that yoga, Tai Chi and other Eastern disciplines don’t simply just relax us, they can also help reverse the expression of genes involved in stress-induced inflammatory reactions.