Articles by Linda Bovine

10 Foods You Didn’t Think Had HFCS

So just how much high fructose corn syrup are you consuming? If you regularly dine out or eat processed foods, you’re likely consuming a whole lot more than you ever imagined.

‘Wasteful’ Lawsuits Reveal Hidden Deceptions Behind ‘Wholesome’ Food Claims

The total disconnect between claims made on food product labels and the actual nature of the products themselves has once again ended up in court, the latest action being against two J.M. Smucker products –  the additive-filled frozen peanut butter and jelly item called Uncrustables, and the vegetable shortening Crisco (which was actually the very first product to make use of the hydrogenation process over a century ago).

The New Way Grocery Stores Dupe You Into Buying Junk Food

“Everybody wants to get into the act,” a catchphrase made famous back in the day by show business legend Jimmy Durante, seems to have found a new meaning.