Articles by Joshua Corn

This Italian Fruit Helps Balance Cholesterol in 30 Days

I was beyond excited to learn about this unique citrus extract, but I'm even more excited to share the clinically-backed research findings with you.

This Is a Godsend for Anyone with Bladder Control Problems

When it comes to better bladder control, too many of us think the only options available are the doctor-recommended solutions that are only marginally effective and prone to side effects.

The Real Benefits of Curcumin: Why It Deserves to be Called the “King of All Spices”

Think this "King of All Spices" is just for inflammation and brain health? Think again. Here's more about all of the clinically-backed health perks curcumin boasts. (Prepare to be impressed.)

Fish Oil or Krill Oil? If Your Joints are Achy and Sore, the Answer is Easy

A breakthrough study comparing the two primary sources of omega-3s clearly indicates why krill oil is far superior when it comes to combatting inflammation, and why it should be a foundational part of your daily health regimen.

How to Prevent Your Eyes From “Rusting Out” As You Age

Few things can impact your independence like failing eyesight and yet nearly 40 million American adults suffer from serious vision impairment and eye problems. But what if I told you that deteriorating vision is not an inevitable part of aging?

Is This Even Better Than Turmeric for Your Brain?

Learn about a remarkable natural way to help keep your brain healthy and your memory sharp, so you can stay "with it" into your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

A Common (But Dangerous) Deficiency That Most Doctors Overlook

The data is frightening: By some estimates, 80% of adults are deficient in an essential mineral that is responsible for over 600 vital metabolic reactions throughout the human body.

Thinning or Graying Hair? Try This Simple Natural Solution

Before you spend your money on products that may leave you disappointed, or resort to undergoing an expensive procedure, I want to share a secret I've used to keep my hair looking healthy as I've gotten older.

The Vitamin C Bombshell Creating Shockwaves Around the World

A wave of cutting-edge new research has revealed incredible vitamin C benefits scientists may have never even imagined. And just like that, vitamin C is back at the forefront as a "new" natural health breakthrough.