Articles by Diana Manos

Wabi-Sabi: What It Is and How You Can Bring It Into Your Life

Taking pleasure in the imperfect can add a world of value.

Can Belief in God Improve Your Brain Health?

Scientists at Yale and Columbia Universities have recently discovered the place in the brain that processes spiritual experiences, which has opened the door to new cutting-edge scientific research on whether or not we might be wired for belief.

Consumer Alert: 92% Of Breakfast Foods Tested Contained Dangerous Levels of Glyphosate

In a new study released by the Environmental Working Group, products from Quaker and General Mills have been found to be laced with unacceptable levels of Monsanto's dangerous weed-killer, Roundup.

6 Health Perks of Eating More Pumpkin

More than just a seasonal staple, pumpkins are a fall favorite that pack a powerful punch for your health.

Bird Food as a Superfood for Humans? Here’s Something to Nibble On

Finger millet is a crop grown for that's been grown for an estimated 7,000 years, and though it's used mainly in the U.S. as bird seed, its nutritional benefits for humans are plentiful.

Why “Pink Mayo” Could Be a Healthier Alternative

Researchers have found that beetroot used in mayonnaise can help to keep the mayonnaise fresh without the use of artificial preservatives.

It’s Proven: Love is Good for Your Health

Researchers have discovered that when someone feels positive emotions like gratitude, love or appreciation, the heart beats out a message that affect a person’s health.

4 Ways to Improve Your Balance (And Why It’s More Important Than You Think)

Balance training is reportedly important for everyone, from athletes to casual exercisers - but critical for anyone over 40. According to the CDC, more than 800,000 American are hospitalized each year because of a fall injury. So here's how to improve and protect stability to ensure you feel strong and balanced at all times.

Why You Should Always Have a Copy of Your Personal Health Record

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S, according to the Washington Post. In addition, researchers have found that preventable medical errors harm at least 400,000 every year. But having an updated copy of your Personal Health Record can help.

4 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season

The holiday season can cause stress which can lead to other health-related issues. Here are some healthy ways to manage stress and stay merry this holiday season.