Articles by Derek Noland

Not Hungry After Your Workout? Researchers Reveal Why

You’ve just finished a good workout and figure it’s time for some food, but, on closer inspection, you realize that you’re not actually hungry. Familiar with this phenomenon?

Newfound Health Risks of Poor Sleep: It May Fuel Harmful Eating Habits and Diabetes

Insufficient or poor sleep increases one’s risk of numerous health risks, including heart disease, diabetes and general inflammation, just to name a few.

Assisted Stretching Benefits: What is It and How Can It Help You?

Stretching is an all-too-often overlooked component in a balanced exercise regimen. While it may strike some people as a luxury, or even unnecessary, assisted stretching could greatly improve your life.

Meet the Orange That Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Perhaps you've never heard of Bergamot orange, but this citrus fruit offers a unique blend of active ingredients that have been shown to significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

How a Low-Fat Diet Affects Your Brain

New research is indicating that a low-fat diet combined with limited caloric intake may protect aging brains, with benefits being potentially better than exercise.

3 Surprising Things That May Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Here are three topics that may be harming your weight loss progress, as well as some methods that anyone can employ for a long-term approach to establishing and maintaining a healthy weight.

A New Reason to Start Eating More High-Fat Fish

With recent research citing an association between eating fish and the prevention of multiple sclerosis (MS), there’s even more reason to include fish in your diet.

Afflicted by Heart Disease? This Vitamin May Extend Your Life

Heart disease is remains major public health concern, but recent research indicates that getting the proper amount of vitamin D may reduce risk of early death.

Ladies: This is the Best Way to Protect Against Heart Failure

A new study found walking significantly decreased the risk of heart failure in postmenopausal women regardless of their age, demographic characteristics, body mass index (BMI) or general baseline health.

3 Medications That Could Increase Your Risk for Dementia

Research has shown that some over-the-counter medication and some prescription medication may increase the risk of dementia.