Articles by Derek Noland

Can Cannabis Relieve Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease?

More and more information is being learned about the potential medicinal use of cannabis - and it might surprise you.

Movember Health: 5 Ways to Naturally Support Prostate Health

As we close Men's Health Awareness Month, here are 5 ways men can help support their prostate health year-round.

Ibuprofen May Increase Heart Attack Risk

Scary new research is giving many people pause when it comes to ibuprofen. Here's what you need to know.

5 Important Heart Nutrients You Shouldn’t Ignore

By now most people who follow general heart health recommendations already know some of the key nutrients that support heart health.

Exercise Found to Improve Brain Function in Seniors

Research has shown that exercise is imperative to brain function, something that becomes increasingly important as we age.

Is the Free PSA Test Actually a Good Indicator of Prostate Cancer?

The total and free PSA tests are important procedures for men to have performed as they age.

Experiencing Hair Loss? This Vitamin Deficiency May Be To Blame

On top of all the many reasons to ensure that you’re getting enough vitamin D, there is growing evidence that inadequate levels may be associated with hair loss.

Want to Live Longer? Hold the Salt

Numerous health risks are associated with high sodium intake, and with new research predicting long-term health outcomes if we fail to heed the warning, there's all the more reason to make a change today.

Not Hungry After Your Workout? Researchers Reveal Why

You’ve just finished a good workout and figure it’s time for some food, but, on closer inspection, you realize that you’re not actually hungry. Familiar with this phenomenon?

Poor Sleep Fuels Bad Eating Habits (and Maybe Even Diabetes)

Insufficient or poor sleep increases one’s risk of numerous health risks, including heart disease, diabetes and general inflammation, just to name a few.