Articles by Casie Terry

Dry Brushing 101: How This 2-Minute Ritual Clears Toxins and Dramatically Improves Skin

Don't let the simplicity of it fool you. In addition to softer, more radiant skin, dry brushing, a popular health-promoting technique, has been associated with improved digestion, better kidney function, reduced water retention and, according to some, it can even banish cellulite.

Is Your Doctor Being Paid by Big Pharma? Here’s How You Can Tell

How much money does Big Pharma spend to schmooze your doctors and push its latest "solutions"? The stats and facts will leave you speechless.

Collagen 101: What It Really Does, What to Look For in a Supplement and How to Use It In Everyday Recipes

The benefits of collagen seem to be endless, but how can you use it in everyday recipes and what should you look for when buying a supplement? Today we're diving into the details.

Sugar Binge Recovery: 6 Ways to Reset Your System

There's certainly no shortage of news about the dangers of excess sugar consumption, or a sugar binge. But should you fall off the wagon, here's how you recover.

Microgreens: What You Need to Know + 5 Reasons You Should Start Using Them

These little greens pack a serious nutritional punch to any dish, along with concentrated and complex flavor profiles that burst with every bite.

6 All-Natural Insect Repellents that Actually Work

Here's how you dodge mosquito bites with all natural insect repellents that work.

3 Reasons to Never Use Chemical Sunscreen (And the Best Alternatives That Work)

The reputations of many sunscreen brands have taken a hit in recent years — and for good reasons. But don't worry — we found the natural alternative you need to know about.

Recipe Round-Up: The 3 Best Turmeric Smoothie Bowls

These nutrient-dense smoothie bowls are loaded with powerful antioxidants, making them a perfect breakfast for the upcoming summer months.

7 Reasons You Need More Spirulina + 3 Ways to Boost Your Intake

The immune boosting, skin brightening and energy lifting health benefits of spirulina are not to be ignored. And yet, despite offering essential fatty acids, high levels of hard-to-get vitamins and trace minerals, rare antioxidant phytopigments and a complete profile of the essential amino acids, many health enthusiasts remain wary of this nutrient powerhouse.

Easy 3-Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask

Using turmeric on your skin is a new phenomenon — the spice has been shown to improve collagen deposition, calm psoriasis, and even increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity.