Articles by Casie Terry

Natural Allergy Fighters: 5 Drug-Free Ways to Find Allergy Relief

Allergy season is officially upon us, and this year it's thought to be one of the worst ones yet. So here are 5 ways to combat seasonal allergies naturally.

Easy 3-Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask

Using turmeric on your skin is a new phenomenon — the spice has been shown to improve collagen deposition, calm psoriasis, and even increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Mason Jar Recipes + How to Pack the Perfect Grab-and-Go Lunch

Using mason jars to prepare and store meals has several advantages. Here are some ideas for mason jar meals from around the web.

6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp as a Tac

Few things are more maddening than not being able to remember something when its on the tip of your tongue. And worse, it only happens more frequently as the years go by. But, luckily, there are certain foods, supplements and tricks that can help you sharpen your memory and keep it way.

Breaking the Addiction: 7 Alternatives to Chapstick and Lip Balms That Work

When your lips are chapped, you may feel inclined to reach for a tube of chapstick or lip balm, but after reading this, you may think twice.

10 Quotes to Inspire Your New Year

Cheers to new beginnings. Here are 10 quotes to help inspire your mood this season.

3 Serums and Oils That Can Transform Your Skin

Chances are, you — like so many of us — have spent years believing that thick facial moisturizers are the key to locking in the hydration that gives skin its healthy glow.

Dry Brushing 101: How This 2-Minute Ritual Clears Toxins and Dramatically Improves Skin

Don't let the simplicity of it fool you. In addition to softer, more radiant skin, dry brushing, a popular health-promoting technique, has been associated with improved digestion, better kidney function, reduced water retention and, according to some, it can even banish cellulite.

Is Your Doctor Being Paid by Big Pharma? Here’s How You Can Tell

How much money does Big Pharma spend to schmooze your doctors and push its latest "solutions"? The stats and facts will leave you speechless.

Collagen 101: What It Really Does, What to Look For in a Supplement and How to Use It In Everyday Recipes

The benefits of collagen seem to be endless, but how can you use it in everyday recipes and what should you look for when buying a supplement? Today we're diving into the details.