What Men Should Be Eating to Fight Prostate Cancer


guy grocery shopping Scientists embarked on a quest to determine why cases of prostate cancer advance further and are more severe in Western men than in Asian men. They discovered the factor responsible may be an Asian dietary component that effectively reduces the size of these cancerous tumors.

According to the study published in Cancer Prevention Research, either consuming a high-fiber diet or taking inositol hexaphosphate (IP6), which is a major component of fibrous foods, can stop the cancer from advancing to a late-stage disease. Researchers used MRI to watch the growth of prostate cancer in two groups of mice; one group was given IP6 and the other group was not. The findings were profound, as the inositol supplements dramatically reduced the size of the tumors, says researcher Komal Raina, PhD.

Why exactly did the IP6 appear to be such a powerful cancer fighter? The supplement prevented the cancerous tumors from making new blood vessels. Without blood vessels, structures that transport the energy-giving substances within the blood, the tumors are unable to grow. Therefore, the prevention of the tumors’ new blood vessel formation, in effect, shuts down the energy source of the cancer.

In comparing the diets between Asians and Americans, researchers determined the Asian diet is more fibrous and plentiful in vegetables, while the American diet is high in dairy and meat but lower in vegetables. Scientists have long been seeking to identify genetic variations between Asians and Americans that could account for the differences between the prostate cancer progression rates, but now it appears that diet rather than genetics is responsible. Asians receive adequate IP6 from their diets, while Americans do not.

Although these results were derived from animal research other studies involving humans indicate that fiber has anticancer properties. In 2011, a large review published in the British Medical Journal showed a link between a high-fiber diet and a reduced risk of colorectal cancer.






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