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Vitamins for the Soul: 3 Pieces of Good News From the Week – December 7, 2018


1. Customers Buy Out Doughnut Shop Early Every Day So Owner Can Be With SickWife

We sell out fast, every day.

John Chhan and his wife Stella have owned Seal Beach’s Donut City for three decades.

The couple arrived in the United States from Cambodia as refugees in the 1970s and have been working side by side every day since.

Recently, however, Stella has been absent from the shop after suffering from an aneurysm and is currently in rehabilitation.

She can talk, she can write. Right now shes trying to starteat something, Chhan said.

Customers began noticing Stella’s absence at the shop and were shocked to find out what happened. Some even offered to set up a GoFundMe for the couple and help with the situation.

However, Chhan declined this offer and explained he only wanted more time with his wife.

Customers have since used newsletters and word-of-mouth to help Donut City sell out every day, so that John can close for the day and rush to the rehabilitation center to be with his wife.

One customer stated, Hey come and support this guys donuts. Hes a great man, great cause.

Chhan says he is now able to close up shop on some days by 10 a.m. thanks to customers buying a dozen donuts a transaction.

Its a blessing really. We need more people like that to just help everybody out in whatever need they have, one unidentified customer said.

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2. After Proposal Mishap, NYPD Able to Return Ring to English Couple

I can still visualize the ring. Bouncing oncebouncing twice and then it was gone.

On the 10th anniversary of their first date, John Brennan proposed to Daniella Anthony in Central Park, New York City.

However, just hours after, while strolling through Time Square, Daniella’s engagement ring slipped off of her finger and fell into a sidewalk vent.

Daniella tells BBC she voiced concerns over the size of the engagement ring to John stating, “I tried to tell John it was too big, but he insisted I wear it.

John’s response to Daniella was, “I told her it was fine. I was just so happy to finally call her my fiance after all this time.”

The couple attempted to find the ring for two hours with no hope in sight. They eventually gave up and presumed it had been lost forever, returning home to Peterborough, England.

But after hearing about the incident, the New York City Police Department sprung into action. They managed to find the ring and clean it,however, finding the couple would prove to be a whole new challenge. So they took to social media by posting the security footage and asking for help to find John and Daniella.

Finally, thanks to international coverage and social media the NYPD was able to connect with the recently engaged couple.

We could not believe it, we really thought it was gone. We dont use Twitter we had absolutely no idea this was going on. But we are so happy, said Anthony.

The couple added, We are so thankful to everyone especially the New York Police Department and everyone who shared our story.”

3. IKEA Opens Its Doors For Homeless Dogs During Cold Winter Months

In Catania, Italy, an IKEA has created an “open-door” policy for stray dogs by offering them a warm home to stay during the winter freezing months.

Dogs have been provided comfortable rugs to sleep on, as well as employees grooming and feeding these homeless animals.

Some IKEA employees and customers have even adopted a few of these dogs.

This outreach for stray dogs by IKEA is causing social media buzz around the world as videos and photos have begun circulating online.

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