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Top 5 Documentaries Every Foodie Should Watch


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There’s nothing like a food documentary to help you re-charge your motivation, or bring you up to speed when you’re exploring new dietary options. A summer afternoon is a great time to escape the heat, grab a healthy snack and your favorite foodie companion, and settle in for some ‘food for thought’. Here are five popular options, ready to inform and educate you on everything from the dangers of factory farming, to America’s dependency on sugar, to the benefits of a plant based diet. Be prepared: you’ll see harsh images and hear staggering statistics, so gather the facts and follow up with your own investigation.
Fed Up

Fed Up (2014)

Written and produced by Stephanie Soechtig, this documentary looks at the relationship between a high-sugar diet and health. Beginning with the premise that early US government food guidelines put no limits on the amount of sugar in processed foods, Fed Up shows the resulting detrimental affects on subsequent generations of Americans. Soechtig also shows how those financially entrenched in the sugar industry have successfully thwarted attempts by parents and lobbyists to instill healthier ways.






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