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This Isn’t Your Average Dog House…


Remember our article The Dog House You Have to See to Believe? Well if you thought that was incredible, prepare to be amazed…

Dogs really are man’s best friends. But even best friends don’t get this kind of royal treatment!

Imagine a stunning house that completely fits your needs as well as your dog’s needs. A design firm, China’s Atelier About Architecture, in Beijing designed a modern house for a client that includes special design elements for the owner’s dog. In developing the project, the architecture firm paid close attention to the flow of the floor plan, decorative accents and overall atmosphere of the house to support the dog’s health needs.

Design Firm Built Luxury House Around Dog’s Needs

Image Source: This Dog’s Life

The design of the house centers on the pet dog’s needs and habits, including decoration, furniture, space and materials. The house is split into two kinds of homes — one for the dog and one for the human owner. The 4,300-square foot residence has a typical design floor plan that includes a dining room, kitchen, multiple bedrooms, common entertainment space and a living room. It embraces modern architecture with slopes and angles that employ a lot of light-filled spaces, and the décor uses attractive modern colors like white, blue and cool grays. It has two floors dedicated to the human owners.

Image Source: Sun Haiting via Designboom

But wait there’s more! The pup’s space in the house, on the other hand, is the full basement. The colors chosen play to help with depth and direction for the dog, like lake blue, yellow and pink. The spacious basement is designed for the dog and has an open shower, relaxation space and a lot of ramps. The dog’s floor also has enough room for veterinarians to provide medical care and make house calls for routine examinations for the dog.

Image Source: Sun Haiting via Designboom

The materials in the dog’s space are functional to reduce the sound of a dog’s barking with high-tech noise reduction, and the materials reduce damage from friction of the joints. The owner’s dog has hip pain and extremely sensitive fragile joints. This means that the Beijing architecture design team incorporated soft floor materials to diminish the impact of hard surfaces on the dog, and also installed waterproof coating on stairs.

Image Source: My Architecture

This is not your average dog’s house! The dog also has two dog-only bathrooms inside. The loyal owner wanted to provide the best home for himself and his best friend — more so for his best friend than himself! The dog’s needs came first in this commission, and the architects adhered to that message. They incorporated a design treatment that fits the needs of the owner’s dog above all else!


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