This Antioxidant Duo Fights Inflammation and Insulin Resistance


Grapes Research continues to mount providing evidence that two protective nutrients can help squelch the flames of systemic inflammation that are at the root of many chronic diseases.

Further evidence exists to confirm the effective properties of resveratrol and quercetin, two nutrients perhaps best known for their antioxidant properties, in restoring normal insulin function that can lower the risk from metabolic conditions including diabetes.

Resveratrol is a natural nutrient found most notably in the skin of red grapes and quercetin is a prominent compound in apples and onions. Health-minded individuals will want to ensure they consume resveratrol and quercetin in their diet or use supplemental resources to attain proper levels in blood circulation and lower disease risk.

Resveratrol and Quercetin Control Disease at the Genetic Level

Resveratrol and quercetin have been shown to alter levels of inflammation by interacting with DNA sequences at the genetic level. The two super nutrients influence production of the inflammatory marker TNF-a and can help to prevent systemic inflammation and insulin resistance.

The results of a study conducted at Boston University Medical Center showed that resveratrol and quercetin are capable of influencing gene expression and have a direct impact on human health. The researchers concluded “the role of phytochemicals acting as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents could be extremely important in inflammation associated chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.”

Resveratrol Controls Anti-Inflammatory Genes

Resveratrol is known to interfere with the NF-kappaB signaling pathway and exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory signal that can calm the slow burning flames that contribute to most chronic diseases. Diabetes damage is caused when free radicals attack pancreatic beta cells leading to reduced levels of insulin secretion.

The result of a study published in the journal Diabetes shows that resveratrol is able to influence the regulating gene SIRT1 and helps to protect the pancreas and improve insulin response. This action of resveratrol can help to prevent the damage caused by a high sugar diet and the metabolic disorders that can result. In addition, resveratrol can help protect against heart disease by providing critical support for the endothelial lining of the coronary arteries.

Quercetin Lowers Inflammation That Triggers Heart Disease

Quercetin is highly concentrated in foods such as onions, apples, red wine and green tea. The Institute of Food Research found that the compound was able to prevent chronic inflammation which can lead to thickening of the arteries.

The researchers determined that quercetin influences the process that causes instability to the coronary artery walls by attenuating the inflammatory process. The study authors found that nutrients such as quercetin lower the incidence of heart disease and stroke and provide important clues as to why a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of these conditions.

Resveratrol and quercetin demonstrate the importance of obtaining natural nutrients from whole foods. These compounds have been shown to lower levels of systemic inflammation and improve the flow of insulin in response to digested sugars. Health conscious individuals eating a diet full of raw vegetables and leafy greens will benefit from healthy quantities of quercetin, but supplements are also available. It may be necessary to supplement with resveratrol to ensure optimal blood levels for ideal health.


John Phillip is a diet, health and nutrition researcher and writer with a passion for understanding weight loss challenges and encouraging health modification through natural diet, lifestyle and targeted supplementation. John’s passion is to research and write about the cutting edge alternative health technologies that affect our lives.

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