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Think Splenda is Safe? Not if You’re Using It Like This…



New evidence has emerged showing the artificial sweetener sucralose, known as Splenda, has health effects that aren’t so sweet – again. The study found several disturbing problems connected with the chemical that haven’t been adequately tested and warrant further research. But the most serious concerns are raised by revelation that cooking with Splenda releases cancer-causing dioxins.

After the FDA approved sucralose in 1998, it became widely used by consumers as all-purpose sweetener and was added to tens of thousands of products by food manufacturers. Now, however, the tide may be turning against the misconception that this product is safe. An Italian study earlier this year linking sucralose to leukemia in mice caused the Center for Public Interest in Science to downgrade Splenda’s category from “safe” to “caution.” In recent months, another study linked the sweetener to diabetic changes, an effect that is particularly troubling since diabetics use it in place of sugar.

New Findings Show How Harmful Effects of Sucralose Were Underestimated

An in-depth review published in Toxicology and Environmental Health is the most alarming study to date on sucralose, as it found the following adverse effects needed to be thoroughly studied:

  • During cooking, sucralose releases chloropropanols, chemicals in the same classification as dioxins. A chilling fact is that dioxin is a cancer-causing agent and is a part of the infamous Agent Orange.
  • Sucralose kills healthy bacteria in the gut.
  • Sucralose alters blood glucose and insulin levels.

These findings refute information by the Science of Cooking stating the sweetener is safe and stable when heated.

Sucralose is Accumulating in Our Drinking Water and Environment

What makes matters worse is that this harmful chemical is affecting even those who don’t choose to use it because it is accumulating in the public water supply. Research shows it is not removed by water treatment purification techniques. Moreover, the highly toxic dioxins that form when sucralose is heated in cooking persist in the environment rather than break down. When you consider that dioxins are one of the world’s most dangerous pollutants and factor in their persistence in the environment, you get a serious problem.

Acceptable Daily Dose of Splenda May Have Been Grossly Miscalculated

Another issue addressed by the research was the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of sucralose. In 1998, the FDA set the ADI at 5mg/kg body part based on the studies at the time. Toxicity studies on rates calculated a no-observed-effect level (NOEL) of 500 mg/kg/day, which made the ADI 5mg/kg/day after being multiplied by a 100-fold safety margin.

Since then, evidence has surfaced showing this figure may have been set at a level hundreds of times too high. The NOEL in rats for changes in gut bacteria is as low as 1.3 mg/kg, while the NOEL for other intestinal changes is 3.3 mg/kg/day. These figures are 454 and 151 times lower than the initially observed NOEL. This means that if the human biological response to sucralose is similar to that of rats, people would experience significant effects from amounts far below the ADI.

Earlier Research on Splenda

This study’s discovery that cooking with sucralose releases dioxins far outweighs the adverse effects of the sweetener found in other studies. Yet to have a more complete view of the chemical’s potential for harm, they should be noted as well. These animal studies found a reduced red blood cell count, male infertility and spontaneous abortions along with enlarged kidneys and a higher death rate associated with Splenda.

The longest clinical trial research involving humans was only four days, so no one knows exactly what the long-term effects are. Consequently, those who have been using Splenda for several years are unknowingly acting as human guinea pigs.

Sobering thought.

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Mary West is a natural health enthusiast, as she believes this area can profoundly enhance wellness. She is the creator of a natural healing website where she focuses on solutions to health problems that work without side effects. You can visit her site and learn more at Ms. West is also the author of Fight Cancer Through Powerful Natural Strategies.

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2 responses to “Think Splenda is Safe? Not if You’re Using It Like This…”

  1. Manuel vivero says:

    Just like those ” studies ” which showed
    eggs and milk are a “poison” to the body!
    You may develop brain tumors by consuming
    tons of sugar substitutes for probably 100 years
    unless of course you have a brain of a mouse!!

  2. There will always be some people that will believe any thing with out researching it themselves. Just ask people that have used it for decades before forming an opinion that is detrimental to the subject at hand. Semper Fidelis from this old world war two Marine 7/15/42 to 7/15/46. Happy new year to all of you.