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Stomach Problems? You Can Officially Blame GMOs


GMO-study-of-inflamed-pig-stomachs You know about them, and you probably try to avoid them like the plague, with good reason. Even though genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were sneaked into our food supply over 15 years ago, there have been limitations on the tests that could be performed on these foods. But science is finally starting to reveal the true potential dangers associated with consuming these Frankenfoods—and its looking scarier by the minute.

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Last year, researchers gave us an eye-opening sneak peek into some of the problems linked to GMOs. This study clearly showed that GMO-fed rats suffered unbelievable damage to their kidneys and liversmostly in the form of golf ball- (or larger) sized tumors.

And, not surprisingly, the list of GMO-related health concerns continues to grow, thanks to newer research published just this month. In this most recent study, researchers showed the long-term effects on the stomachs of pigs fed a diet of genetically modified corn and soy.

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GMO feed caused severe inflammation of the stomach

Researchers evenly divided 168 pigs (average age, 24 days) into two feed groupsGMO corn/soy and non-GMO corn/soy. Everything else about their living and sleeping conditions remained the same.

After 26 weeks on their respective diets, the pigs were sacrificed and autopsied by veterinarians. While the vets noticed no differences between the two groups weight gain, mortality or blood biochemistry, they did see that the stomachs of the pigs on GMO feed had much higher rates of severe inflammation.

The pigs on the GMO diet showed a nearly 300 percent increase in severe stomach inflammation compared to the non-GMO fed pigs. The male pigs inflammation was far worse than the females,with 400 percent more stomach inflammation than that of the non-GMO fed male pigs. The researchers stated that this inflammation could be a result of proteins that certain GMO corn varieties are engineered to produce.

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We all know that stomach inflammation compromises nutrient absorption. So, if GMO feed causes this much gastrointestinal inflammation, should we be worried about our own nutrient profiles now? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

In addition, the GMO-fed female pigs uteruses weighed 25 percent more than the non-GMO female pigs. This drastic uterine weight difference could be indicative of reproductive organ damage, including endometrial hyperplasia, cancer, endometriosis and polypsall of which can lead to infertility.

What do these results mean to us humans? Well, the researchers believe that certain proteins formed from Bt toxin-containing GMOs could be the potential cause of the pigs stomach inflammation. These proteins act as digestive system destroyers in insectscausing these pests stomachs to explode, leading to their demise. While its been argued that these proteins do not affect larger organisms, this study makes it clear that these proteins do, in fact, have similar effects on the digestive systems of larger animals, too.

How much longer before GMOs are fully to blame for most of the digestive ills that humans deal with?

Probably not long.

In fact, in their conclusion, the researchers pointed out that humans have a similar gastrointestinal tract to pigs, and these GMO crops are widely consumed by people, particularly in the USA, so it would be prudent to determine if the findings of this study are applicable to humans.

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A Big Fat No! to GMO

Legislation on deck in many areas indicates the majority of people want GMO foods labeled, at the very least.

To limit your consumption of GMOs as much as possible, check the labels on all food you buy, or use the app we told you about last week, Buycott. Everything that has corn or soy, unless specifically labeled as organic, is likely GMO. As for meats, make sure the label specifically says that the animals were grass fed, or given organic, non-GMO feed.

With the rampant use of GMOs today, if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones food supply as pure as possible, you need to take control and be your own advocate.

Larissa Long Larissa Long has worked in the health care communications field for more than 13 years. She co-authored a self-care book titled Taking Care, has written countless tip sheets and e-letters on health topics, and contributed several articles to Natural Solutions magazine. She also served as managing editor of three alternative health and lifestyle newsletters Dr. Susan Larks Womens Wellness Today, Dr. David Williams Alternatives, and Janet Luhrs Simple Living.
For tips, tools and strategies to address your most pressing health concerns and make a positive difference in your life, visit Peak Health Advocate.

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3 responses to “Stomach Problems? You Can Officially Blame GMOs”

  1. Shaon says:

    This doesnt surprise me one bit!

    • Inthoughts says:

      Buycotting is a very good idea. The problem is
      getting the news out to more and more people.
      At our farmer’s market, the organic foods go
      very fast, but there are still people who go for
      the “conventional” fruits and vegetables even
      though the difference in price may be only 25
      cents to fifty cents. Overly large vegetables and
      fruits are to be avoided—simlarly overly large
      pieces of chicken. Albercore tuna is quite
      delicious, but it is much more toxic than the
      smaller tuna. Choosing to go to the local
      certified organic farmer and buying that food
      and cooking at home is one of the better
      answers to our dilemma; a better solution we
      an use when we have to eat out is to realize
      that all–ALL has ultimately come from only ONE
      source. This we have to know or always live
      from fear as we eat. Not eating out may kill
      an industry and the workers’ livelihood until
      the Universe corrects itself. If we were freed
      from corsets and such surely we can be freed
      from greed. Meanwhile, read all lables and
      think from the Source.

  2. d. atkinson says:

    I am sure government knows that GMO’s cause cancer, organ damage, etc. and will cause illness and early death; and I’ve also read that they want to reduce world population to 500 million.
    Do ya’ think that may be why they won’t ban GMO’s?