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Mason Jar Recipes + How to Pack the Perfect Grab-and-Go Lunch


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Mason jars have long been used for canning and preserving, but in recent years, the uses for this American invention seem to be endless. Mason jars are now used for soup recipe exchanges, cookie recipe gifting and, our favorite, all-in-one easy meal planning. Using mason jars to prepare and store meals has several advantages.

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10 Reasons To Stock Up On Mason Jars

Mason Jars are:

1. Inexpensive
2. Made with glass (BPA FREE!)
3. Sturdy and re-usable
4. Double as drinking glasses
5. Stain-resistant
6. Clear (never the scary mystery container in the refrigerator)
7. Easy to stack and easy to transport
8. Can help to control your portions
9. Microwave and dishwasher safe
10. Lids and jars can be purchased separately (and easily replaced when you have the piece with no mate… a common tupperware frustration)

We hit the web and browsed some of our favorite blogs to find some great, healthy ideas for meals in mason jars. Scroll through to grab a few of our favorite mason jar recipes. But don’t forget, there’s a trick to it. See the image above to see the best way to layer your mason jar meal so make sure it stays fresh for the long haul.

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