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Play it Safe When it Comes to WiFi and Your Health


Does the electromagnetic radiation that pervades our modern-day life from multiple sources present a health risk? It depends on whom you ask. National standard-setting agencies contend the current limits of permitted radiation protect the public against any possible adverse effects. Yet the scientists and researchers who published the Bioinitiative report couldn’t disagree more.

Wireless technology uses radio frequency energies that are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Often referred to as EMFs or EMRs, these frequencies are emitted from cell phones and their tower infrastructures, as well as from cordless phones, wireless internet and smart meters. In addition, it comes from surveillance and monitoring devices like baby monitors. Since these technological tools are ubiquitous in homes, schools and businesses, the public is constantly bombarded with this radiation. Exposure is unavoidable, even for people who prefer to go wireless.

Health Effects of Wireless Radiation

In the 2012 Bioinitiative Report, the authors reviewed the implications of 1,800 studies on chronic exposure to wireless radiation. They found possible health effects include a greater risk of leukemia, brain tumors and neurodegenerative illnesses in addition to Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Research also indicated it may cause a higher risk of breast cancer, impaired immunity and leakage of the blood brain barrier along with inflammation, cardiovascular problems and miscarriages. Moreover, insomnia was reported in studies involving people who live near cell phone towers or in WiFi environments. Other effects included a short-term detriment on cognition, memory and learning.

Conclusion: Rethink Wireless Tsunami

The Bioinitiative Report concluded its findings by issuing a call to rethink the wireless tsunami and educate the public that the technology comes with a price too high to pay – adverse effects on health. They say with the exception of cell phones, each wireless need has a wired solution. The scientists also assert that the time has come to seek less harmful ways to communicate and educate our children as well as reconsider the infrastructure that many industries use that is dependent on wireless innovations.

Other Voices Speak Out

Are the researchers who are connected with the Bioinitiative Report lone wolves crying out against the dangers of wireless technology within the scientific community? They are not. Last year, a panel of leading experts from top universities met at a program organized by ElectromagneticHealth.org to discuss the issue. A wide range of evidence was presented that indicates the radiation has indisputable adverse effects on health. Scientist after scientist spoke out vehemently against the technology, expressing particular concern about its effects on children.

Dr. Michael Wald, Director of Nutrition at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco in Westchester, New York and author of Frankenfoods – Controversy, Lies & Your Health, tells Live in the Now that virtually any health problem might be caused by the disruption of electromagnetic radiation on cellular processes. “If you interfere with how cells work in various tissues, depending on their location within the body, virtually any health problem could ensue. There are many studies to back up concerns about health risks, and more studies will certainly provide further proof. I am sure that continued exposure is detrimental to the health of all,” he says.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Noted alternative medicine proponent Dr. Joseph Mercola predicts that day will come when the dangers from cell phones will be as well recognized as the dangers of smoking. Until that time, it is best to follow these recommendations of the panel from the Electromagnetic Health program regarding the use of wireless technology.




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