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Jean Carper on Alzheimer’s: Time to Focus on Prevention


In a stirring article, which appeared Friday on the Huffington Post, Jean Carper urges us to shift our focus from seeking a “cure” for Alzheimer’s to learning how we can prevent it. She writes:

We are missing the boat when we allow a small fragment of the scientific conversation about Alzheimer’s, centered on ineffective pharmaceuticals and frightening diagnostic methods, drown out the momentous message coming from another research perspective: that we can take action right now to delay the progression and onset of Alzheimer’s which happens over decades.

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5 responses to “Jean Carper on Alzheimer’s: Time to Focus on Prevention”

  1. Sue says:

    For years we have been reading that Alzheimer’s is not only genetic, but environmental as well.nI applaud Jean Carper for stressing prevention.

  2. Lissa says:

    Not only Alzheimer’s, but so many diseases are a result of years in the making. Beginning to support our health via preventative measures may help prevent so many illnesses. Not only by eating well, but finding ways to better deal with stress, actually taking down time for oneself, enjoying life, taking supplements, eating whole foods, the list goes on. I think little by little, we are on our way. At least, I can hope that more of us are converting to following preventative health measures.

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